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Nathan Fillion Jokes His Way Through Destiny 2's First Teaser

You remember Destiny's Cayde-6, right? The former human, current Exo Hunter voiced by Firefly and Castle star Nathan Fillion? Well, he's back, and despite his generally pleasant demeanor, things aren't going so well for the treasure hunter in Destiny 2's first teaser trailer.


In fact, judging from the video, things aren't going too well for anyone. As Cayde-6 describes it, the Last City—home of the Tower, the main hub in the first Destiny game—is under attack from enemy forces ("It was like an ugly contest where everyone was a winner," Cayde quips), and it looks like they're winning. As Cayde-6 sits in a ruined bar, sipping a drink and telling stories, the Last City burns around him, hinting at a very dark end for humanity's final refuge.

In typical Fillion fashion, the dialogue in the teaser is quick, funny, and carries just the right balance between arrogance and self-deprecation. Unfortunately, there's not much of it. While it's always nice to hear from Cayde, the video is intentionally vague about what actually happened—after all, Bungie wants fans to tune in when Destiny 2's official "reveal" trailer debuts on March 30, 2017 at 10 A.M. PDT.


Previously, developer Bungie promised that Destiny 2 would improve on many of the first game's faults, including its obtuse and lifeless storyline, and this new video—which, despite not actually containing much information, is fun and full of personality—is certainly a step in the right direction. Currently, Destiny 2 doesn't have an official release date (leaked marketing materials imply that it'll probably be out on September 8, 2017), although, with the game's marketing push quickly ramping up, expect that to change soon—if not with this week's trailer, than most likely at E3 2017.