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Overwatch Teases Big Announcement Coming April 11

Ready yourselves, Overwatch fans. Something epic's coming soon.

Blizzard Entertainment, the developer behind the team-based shooter title, took to Twitter to tease a reveal for April 11. On the official @PlayOverwatch account, a video was posted with the caption, "Initiating archive declassification... Mission files unlock: April 11."


It's unknown what exactly the post is hinting at, but many have taken particular note of the message that appears in the clip. The center screen reads, "Overwatch Mission Archives. File 00382 – King's Row Uprising. Entered into record seven years ago. Security clearance required: confidential." Of course, that information is set to be officially declassified in the near future.

Also featured in the teaser video is a smaller screen showing a portrait of the orb-projecting Support hero Zenyatta, with "mandatory robot registration" written in the lower third. A few attentive fans even spotted what appears to be a new Tracer skin in the background of the clip. Pair this with the mention of King's Row, the England-based map where the British hero feels right at home, and some have started to believe an in-lore event is on the horizon.


Take a look below:The Twitter account later responded to eager fans' inquiries regarding the video. When asked what it all means, @PlayOverwatch cheekily replied, "At this time, that file is classified. However, stay dialed in here for future developments." And when one fan broached the subject of an early unveiling, the account insisted, "These are classified files! Not some t-shirt design reveal. Patience, heroes."

Blizzard and the Overwatch team have a knack for hinting at patch updates, map changes, and even new heroes. (Remember the surprising Orisa reveal?) By the looks of this new video and the accompanying messages hidden inside, it appears the minds behind the game are keeping up the teasing trend.

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