Marvel Heroes Omega Heads To PlayStation 4 This Spring

First, it was Marvel Heroes. Then it was Marvel Heroes 2015. Now, it's known as Marvel Heroes 2016 and Marvel Heroes Omega—or, at least, it will be, after the long-running action role-playing game makes its way to the PlayStation 4 later this spring.

As announced today on the official PlayStation blog, Marvel Heroes Omega is a fusion of a Diablo-like action RPG and a massively multiplayer online game in which users can play as one of over 60 characters plucked from various parts of the Marvel Universe. Unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is split across various studios thanks to decades-old licensing agreements, Marvel Heroes Omega has access to every character on Marvel's expansive roster, so expect to see the Avengers mixing it up with the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, the Inhumans, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, and others.

According to Gazillion Entertainment, the studio responsible for both Marvel Heroes' PC and console editions, Marvel Heroes Omega contains a nine-chapter story that pits players against classic Marvel villains like Loki and Doctor Doom, and takes place across a number of locations from the Marvel Universe, ranging from the gritty crime-infested streets of Hell's Kitchen to Asgard, the majestic home of the Norse gods. After the main story ends, players can continue to enjoy solo and co-op missions, levelling up other characters and grinding away for some sweet, sweet loot.

Gazillion promises that Marvel Heroes Omega will contain "literally thousands of hours of replayability," but didn't release any information about the game's base price or its microtransactions. On PC, Marvel Heroes is free-to-play: players can take any character they want up to level 10 to get a feel for how they play, and then can buy them outright using shards, which are earned via gameplay or are purchased using real money. Cosmetic upgrades can be purchased, earned, or crafted by players, while special limited-time events give fans access to special costumes, which are usually inspired by ongoing comic book storylines or Marvel's latest big-screen releases.

Oh, and while superhero video games have a pretty sordid history—check out these stinkersMarvel Heroes bucks the trend, at least on PC. Hopefully, the PS4 edition will be just as good—we should find out shortly, given that a beta test is imminent and a full release is coming very, very soon.