Bayonetta Released On PC

Better late than never.

Bayonetta, Platinum Games' stylish (i.e. absolutely bonkers) 2009 action game, is now available on Windows PCs via the Steam marketplace, where it'll set fans back a cool $20.

Of course, this isn't exactly the same Bayonetta that you know and love. Oh, the gun-equipped high heels, blatant sexual innuendo, and demon-summoning hairdo are all still there, but the game now features high-resolution 4K visuals and other advanced graphical options that make the crazy look better than ever.

If you're wary of shelling out cash for a seven-year-old game, Sega's sweetening the deal by offering Bayonetta's Digital Deluxe Edition, which normally costs extra, at the game's base retail price. Users who buy Bayonetta on Steam will receive five tracks from the game's soundtrack, a digital artbook, and some exclusive Bayonetta wallpapers. If you want these goodies, however, you'll need to act fast: the promotion only lasts until April 25, at which point the Digital Deluxe Edition will go back to its regular, higher price.

When it launched in America in 2010, Bayonetta received critical acclaim but didn't sell particularly well, and Sega decided not to publish the sequel. Thankfully, the company's one-time rival stepped in to help, and under Nintendo's leadership, Bayonetta 2 became a Wii U-exclusive. Given the different publishers (and Nintendo's well-documented reluctance to put its games on other companies' platforms), it doesn't seem likely that Bayonetta 2 will join its predecessor on Steam any time soon.

On the plus side, the original's lack of sales mean that there are plenty of people out there who haven't discovered Bayonetta yet. If you're a fan of quick-paced, twitchy action, Bayonetta will be right up your alley—at $20, it's more than worth a look, cringe-inducing dance scenes aside.