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Take A Look At Dragon Quest XI's Three Different Visual Styles

Dragon Quest XI, the next entry in Square Enix's flagship franchise (non-Final Fantasy edition) will arrive in the land of the rising sun on July 29, 2017—but this isn't just a regular game release. Dragon Quest XI will launch on both the PlayStation 4 console and Nintendo's handheld 3DS, and will allow players to split their playtime across both platforms using the game's unique "Spell of Restoration" feature.


That's an interesting approach—it's not exactly cross-platform play, but it's close—and it's made even cooler by the inclusion of three unique graphical styles that are split between the two versions of Dragon Quest XI. On the PlayStation 4, Dragon Quest XI will be a 3D game with high definition graphics and polished cutscenes. On the 3DS, players will be able to choose between two different looks: a cell-shaded 3D version and a top-down 2D style that evokes the classic 16-bit RPGs of the Super Nintendo era. If that sounds confusing, a new trailer from Square Enix, which shows the same scenes unfolding across all three versions of the game, should help clear things up.

And yet, despite the unique looks, all three versions of Dragon Quest XI are essentially the same game. By using the "Spell of Restoration," players will be able to move their progress between the 3DS and the PlayStation 4, although as Gematsu notes, some features—like your main character's name—won't survive the transition.


Dragon Quest XI will be available on the PlayStation 4 and the 3DS separately, but fans who want the complete Dragon Quest experience can buy the Double Pack Hero's Sword Box, which contains both editions of the game. Square Enix is also working on a Nintendo Switch port of Dragon Quest XI, but didn't have anything new to announce on that front. Plans for a western release—if there are any—have yet to be revealed.

Oh, and if that's not all weird enough, peripheral manufacturer Hori will celebrate Dragon Quest XI's launch with an oddly-shaped PlayStation 4 controller that looks like Dragon Quest's iconic slimes. From the looks of things, the bright blue DualShock 4 isn't actually the most useless gaming accessory in history, but it's not exactly ergonomic, either. Like Dragon Quest XI, there's currently no word on whether or not the custom gamepad will make its way to America's shores.