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Dress Your Favorite Superhero However You Like With The New Injustice 2 Gear System

Injustice 2 isn't just a dystopian future in which all of DC's superheroes brutally murder each other. It's not just a slick and polished fighting game from the same studio that makes the modern-day Mortal Kombat games. No, as it turns out, Injustice 2 is also a loot-heavy grind-fest in which players can earn special gear that'll give their favorite characters stat bonuses, as well as a number of new and classic looks.


As outlined in NetherRealm Studios' latest video, "Your Battles Your Way," each member of Injustice 2's expansive roster earns gear as players battle their way through the game's arenas. Every character can wear multiple pieces of gear at a time—Superman, for example, can change his cape, breastplate, armor, legs, and S-shield—and equipping pieces of gear from matching sets provides some extra bonuses. You can also choose from a number of predefined color schemes, which helps make your selected loadout even more personal. As players level up, gear becomes more powerful.

Injustice 2's customization options aren't limited to outfits, either. As you play, you'll earn stat-boosting augments, fresh abilities, brand new moves that make your superhero (or villain) of choice even deadlier. These types of enhancements will be unlocked after players earn "special achievements" (what those achievements might be, however, the video doesn't say).


In addition to letting you customize your characters in order to accommodate your specific playstyle, "Your Battles Your Way" points out that the alternate costumes also look cool. In the brief trailer, classic outfits like Batman Beyond's black-and-red armor and Superman's Soviet-branded Red Son costume make brief appearances, as do a number of new designs.

In other words, if you want to make Batman look like Boba Fett, you can do that. Is it practical? Probably not—but neither are most other superhero outfits. In Injustice 2, if it looks neat, then that's probably good enough.