Code Vein Is Bandai Namco's Vampire-Action RPG

Following last week's teaser, Japanese video game magazine Famitsu unveiled more details about Code Vein, the upcoming video game from the team behind God Eater.

According to the venerated publication (and Gematsu's translation), Code Vein is a "dungeon exploration-type hard action RPG" starring vampire-like creatures called Revenants who have traded their memories in exchange for superpowers. Code Vein is a brand new property and doesn't contain any ties to God Eater. Work will continue on both franchises simultaneously.

In Code Vein, players will battle "the Lost," or Revenants who run low on blood and turn evil. Melee combat will play a major role in the game, and most Revenants fight with close-range weapons like swords, spears, and hammers. In addition, players can collect the Lost's blood using an item called the Blood Veil, which they'll use to unleash a variety of different attacks, buffs, and debuffs. The Veil's powers depend on which type of blood it soaks up.

Exploration will be a big part of Code Vein, too. Famitsu describes the game as a "dramatic exploration action RPG," in which players journey through dangerous and connected areas on foot. Code Vein also has a "buddy" system, in which players will get help from sidekicks (who will be expected to assist their sidekicks in return). But it's not clear if buddies are other players or computer-controlled characters.

As for the story, Bandai Namco is keeping things vague, although the world (called Vein) contains some kind of "hidden truth" that players will need to uncover. Right now, Code Vein is only 35 percent complete, but the developer is already aiming for a simultaneous worldwide release upon completion. Bandai Namco will share more infuromation during the worldwide reveal event on April 20.

Between the teaser trailer and those descriptions, many fans are drawing connections between Code Vein and Dark Souls. If the comparison holds up (and it really might not), that's not a bad thing.

The Souls series is finished (for now), and we're always up for another challenge. Although, honestly, we're still working on these other brutally difficult video games.