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Saints Row - What We Know So Far

It's time for "Saints Row" fans to get excited, because a new game is finally releasing. The last full installment in the series, "Saints Row 4," was released way back in 2013, and fans haven't had too much word on a sequel ever since.


Finally, in 2019, it was revealed that a new "Saints Row" game was in the works, but no news had come since then. However, it wasn't until the 2021 Opening Night Live livestream of Gamescom that fans got a chance to actually see the game in action. That show kicked off with a world premiere trailer for the new game, a reboot which is simply titled "Saints Row." While it's not the sequel to "Saints Row 4" that some fans may have hoped for, there's plenty to be excited about when it comes to the new game.

The best part? The release date isn't too far away. Here's what we know so far about the new "Saints Row."

When is the Release Date for Saints Row?

According to the world premiere trailer, "Saints Row" will be available on February 25, 2022 — just four months after the premiere of the first trailer. The end of the announcement trailer also revealed that the game would be coming to both last-gen and next-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles. It will also be available on PC through the Epic Games Store upon release. While "Saints Row 4" was brought over to Switch, it doesn't look like the handheld console will see "Saints Row" on release.


In the past, there were only a few years between the release dates of "Saints Row 2" and "Saints Row 3." This was also the case between "Saints Row 3" and "Saints Row 4." However, there will be a nine-year gap between the latest "Saints Row" games, which means that gaming has evolved quite a bit between entries. If the trailer is anything to go by, there's a lot of potential for "Saints Row" to surprise longtime series fans.

Is there a Trailer for Saints Row?

Fans actually got to see quite a bit of the action from the new "Saints Row," thanks to the debut of an action-packed cinematic trailer.

The trailer starts off with three characters looking to steal some guns from a dealer. The rest of the trailer details their high speed escape, which culminates with a fourth friend joining the fray once the trio gets cornered. The almost four-minute trailer gives a good look at the character's personalities, and an interview with one of the characters gave a little more insight on what's going down.


Bryce Charles, the voice behind The Boss in "Saints Row," appeared live at Gamescom to talk a bit about the game. Charles mentioned that the four characters shown off in the trailer are named Neenah, Kevin, Eli, and The Boss, who acts as the player's character. Charles also said that the group's goal is to build a brand new criminal organization from the ground up.

What is the Gameplay of Saints Row like?

Alongside an announcement trailer and an interview, Gamescom 2021 showed off a good bit of gameplay footage for "Saints Row" as well. The gameplay clip gives fan an idea of just how gorgeous the game already is at this stage of development, and it also reveals a few of the crazy things that players will be able to do.


One of the first things the footage shows off is a player-controlled helicopter, which is dragging a car. Fans are also offered a glimpse of several different combat scenarios, including a peek at a bit of hand-to-hand fighting right at the end. And of course, judging by the wild action in the reveal trailer, fans can also expect plenty of weaponry to choose from.

The gameplay footage also shows off some incredible pops of color throughout — whether it's the cat helmet one of the main characters is wearing or the firework-like explosions dancing in the background of shooting scenes, this game is already looking like a candy-coated visual feast.