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Salt And Sacrifice - What We Know So Far

There were a ton of games shown off between Summer Games Fest and E3 2021, with a title for just about every genre you can imagine. One of the most exciting games on display was "Salt and Sacrifice," the sequel to the infamous indie title "Salt & Sanctuary."


The critically-acclaimed, action-platformer "Salt & Sanctuary" turned heads as a 2D "Dark Souls" game (in Polygon's words). Even though it was almost ruined by a terrible PC port, the series is poised to return triumphantly. "Salt & Sacrifice" won't be a typical platformer. The game has added RPG elements, and the combat will be much more detailed than an average indie side-scroller. Remember, the game is compared to "Dark Souls" for a reason — if you're looking for a challenge then this is the perfect game for you.

While the game was announced in the middle of 2021, fans do know some details about the upcoming platformer. Here's what we know so far about "Salt & Sacrifice."

When is the Release Date for Salt & Sacrifice?

There hasn't been a release date announcement just yet. However, Ska Studios has hinted that "Salt and Sacrifice" will be coming at some point in early 2022, which can range from January 2022 to April 2022.


Despite not providing any news on a release date, the official Ska Studios Twitter account liked a tweet from Obilisk Games that linked to an article with a comment that the game is coming "Early 2022." While this is nothing official, it might be hinting that the game is supposedly coming in the first few months of 2022.

In a PlayStation blog post, developer James Silva announced that the game would be coming to both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5. Silva also went into detail about how the game came to be, including some other games that "Salt & Sacrifice" and "Salt & Sanctuary" drew inspiration from. In case you didn't already know, this awesome game was actually created by very few people — James Silva is a one-man team. Fans will have to wait a bit longer to find out when "Salt & Sacrifice" will officially release.


Is there a trailer for Salt & Sacrifice?

"Salt & Sacrifice" has given fans several different videos about the upcoming game, including an announcement trailer that was shown off at Summer Games Fest. The announcement trailer gave fans plenty to get excited for, like the heart-pounding action that the first game was known for.


The trailer also displayed some of the RPG-like customization options in the game, which included a variety of classes to pick from among other visual options. Players will be able to play as an assassin, cleric, fighter, duelist, highblade, paladin, ranger, or sage.

The trailer also gave fans a hint at the player character's purpose in the game: to hunt mages. That purpose will likely get incredibly bloody, as there were several instances throughout the trailer where the player would take out the hearts of enemies at the end of a battle — a pretty metal thing to do as the Marked Inquisitor, as the trailer names the player.

"Salt & Sacrifice" also revealed a gameplay trailer to show fans more of what the game holds.


What's the gameplay of Salt & Sacrifice like?

An entire gameplay trailer was released for "Salt & Sacrifice," and it was packed full of updates about what players can do in the game. Gamers can now take down enemies with their friends in a new multiplayer mode. The trailer didn't provide information about how many people can join in a game, but the multiplayer gameplay looked exciting. The combination of different classes and skills might make working together to take down major enemies a strategic endeavor.


Another exciting addition to "Salt & Sacrifice" is the ability to pet animals — not a typical feature in a 2D action-platformer. Players will also find treasure chests around the world as well, which can hold helpful combat items like bombs. By adding small gameplay elements that allow players to interact with the world, "Salt & Sacrifice" will feel more immersive, with a developed, changing world.

The gameplay trailer also showed how players will be able to travel to and from different areas and villages while maintaining a 2D aesthetic using portals. Even though there will be a transportation system, players will still need to watch out for hidden traps when traveling through the game.