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What The Critics Are Saying About No More Heroes 3

It's been a decade since "No More Heroes" fans have received a proper sequel in the beloved hack and slash action series. Series creator Goichi "Suda 51" Suda pointedly did not consider 2019's "Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes" to be a full-on sequel, but rather more of a side story depicting a stand-alone adventure for the titular assassin, Travis Touchdown (via Eurogamer). Now the mainline "No More Heroes" series is back and wilder than ever.


In "No More Heroes 3," Travis finds himself repelling the forces of an alien invasion with his trademark sense of humor and ultraviolent fighting style. That premise alone should tip fans off that they're in for the most over the top installment of the series so far. But even with that in mind, one has to wonder if this game was worth the long wait. Here is what the critics have to say about "No More Heroes 3."

No More Heroes 3 looks pretty and plays well

Hardcore fans of the "No More Heroes" saga are in luck: Judging from the reviews, this game bring all of the wacky action you're looking for, plus a few upgrades. Eurogamer's Martin Robinson was pleased to see this as something of a return to form after the more "streamlined" gameplay of "Travis Strikes Again." Robinson particularly enjoyed the katana-based attacks, finding them to be "simple yet satisfying and delivered with screen-filling overexuberance." He also remarked on some of the fun new features, including a mech suit that Travis can deploy for some extra firepower.


Comic Book's Jamie Lovett commended the game'ss brighter color palette and visual aesthetic, noting that the series' newest installment "sheds much of its predecessors' weathered, grindhouse punk vibe in favor of something more digital-chic."

Critics were a bit divided when it came to the game's boss battles. IGN's review found them to be somewhat uninspired, but VG247's James Billcliffe argued that these were a highlight, arguing that these fights "consistently deliver[s] the unexpected."

No More Heroes 3 is "stylish and shoddy"

As noted in The Verge's review, "No More Heroes 3" returns to the open-world design of the first game, which ends up being a pro and a con. While the city itself is impressively designed, reviewer Sam Byford noted that the game's performance "falls off a cliff" when Travis is simply riding his motorcycle around the city of Santa Destroy. Byford noted that Goichi Suda has previously promised to improve the game's performance issues, so hopefully fans won't have to wait too long for a much-needed update.


These framerate issues were noted in several other outlets' reviews, along with several other bugs that made finishing the game a bit more of a chore than expected. Kotaku's Ian Walker wrote, "the open-world environments were prone to framerate collapses, bugs like getting stuck in walls or falling through the floor frequently ruined side missions, and there was even a full-on crash that erased a sizable chunk of progress."

However, even with these glitches and hangups, critics have found a lot to like about the game. Both Byford and Walker praised the game for its stylish combat and absurd storyline. The Verge's headline may have summed up the feelings of many critics: "'No More Heroes 3' is as stylish and shoddy as ever." If you love this series already, you'll probably still have a great time with "No More Heroes 3" — warts and all.