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Soulstice - What We Know So Far

"Soulstice," a fresh new IP from Modus Games, promises a bleak setting crawling with undead to cut through. The "dark story of sisterly love" gives you dual protagonists to control: Briar and Lute. In an effort to stave off the growing horde of monsters, the siblings underwent a rite to bind their souls together, transforming them into an elite being known as a Chimera. Though Briar retained her physical form, gaining enhanced strength and resilience, Lute sacrificed her body to become a ghost, complete with otherworldly abilities.


The action-adventure's high octane combat and dark fantasy world evoke some major "Dark Souls," "Berserk," "Devil May Cry," and "Nier Automata" vibes. Despite these similarities, "Soulstice" boasts promising elements, such as its slick art style, that could set it apart from its influences. If saving humanity through the power of sisterhood sounds like just your cup of tea, here's everything you need to know about Modus Games' upcoming grim epic. 

When will Soulstice release?

Though publisher Modus Games just revealed "Soulstice" at E3 2021, potential players will not have to wait long to experience the intense action RPG. According to the announcement, "Soulstice" will drop at some point in 2022. Though not a true release date, the launch target implies that the project has likely made it pretty far into the development process.


"Soulstice" serves as the fruit of a new partnership between Modus Games and Milan-based developer Reply Game Studios (formerly Forge Reply). The press release that accompanied the move described the new IP as "an exciting next-gen experience that will be Modus' most ambitious published game to date." When the team-up went public in April, "Soulstice" had already spent over three years in production. Thanks to Modus, the studio was able to dedicate all of its resources to finishing the title, which it commemorated with a complete rebranding.

As you might have guessed based on Modus' description, "Soulstice" will only launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Console users who haven't managed to secure a next-gen model by next year might be out of luck.


Is there a trailer for Soulstice?

Modus Games and Reply Game Studios have released two trailers for "Soulstice:" the E3 Announcement Trailer and Gamescom 2021 "Sisters" Trailer.

The two minute and 44 second Announcement Trailer combines cinematics and Alpha gameplay footage to introduce players to "Soulstice," its main duo, and dreary, dark fantasy setting. It opens with key historical moments captured in stained glass. Briar bursts through one of the windows, prompting a quick transition into a gameplay montage. The visuals and style prompted a great deal of excitement, with one commenter even stating, "I want to freeze myself till the day of release."


The Gamescom trailer built on the hype for "Soulstice," zeroing on the importance of the connection between the two sisters. Though shorter than the initial clip, you get to see the "protector" and "knight" working in tandem to take down a host of baddies, including some rather wicked looking bosses. While select viewers were quick to slam the title for its perceived similarities to "Berserk and the Band of the Hawk," others expressed their heightened longing for the female led action-adventure.

What is the gameplay like in Soulstice?

"Soulstice" uses a synergistic combat system that combines Briar's melee mastery with Lute's battlefield control abilities. By working together, the pair can unlock "powerful transformations." Similarly, you can customize your equipment and attacks through upgrades to better take on the host of Wraiths, Corrupted and Possessed who cross your path.


In addition to fighting, you'll have the chance to explore Ilden, a city within the Holy Kingdom of Keidas. To proceed, you must solve puzzles and ferret out secrets, including the true nature of the sisters' bond. It seems the sacrifice they made to bind their souls together might have greater consequences than they signed up for.

The official Steam listing promises "a coming-of-age fantasy story with fast-paced action, vicious enemies and breathtaking boss fights." If you'd like a more in-depth look at the world and mechanics of "Soulstice," you can register for extended gameplay and exclusive content access here.