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Dolmen - What We Know So Far

Coming soon from developer Massive Work Studio and publisher Prime Matter, "Dolmen" is a new sci-fi action RPG that adds in plenty of horror elements that recall the likes of "Dead Space" and "Doom." The project was originally funded through Kickstarter, where fans pledged over $20,000 to bring the game to life. Backers received all kinds of rewards for different donation tiers, including exclusive digital soundtracks, credits in the game, and access to a private Discord server with other backers. Clearly, this was a game that fans of spooky science fiction really believed in.


According to the game's Steam page, "Dolmen" takes place on the alien world of Revion Prime. Your character is tasked with collecting "samples of a crystal with particularly unique properties; the so-called 'Dolmen,'" which has frightening reality-altering properties.

Following a few exciting sneak peeks, fans are more convinced than ever that they backed the right project. As the release of "Dolmen" draws closer, fans may be curious to learn if there are any details they missed regarding its production. While the developers are still keeping a few secrets, the trailers have revealed some juicy tidbits about this brand new interstellar nightmare.  Here's everything we know so far about "Dolmen."


When is the release date for Dolmen?

Fans are likely chomping at the bit to finally play "Dolmen," particularly when one considers how long this game has been in the works. The Kickstarter for "Dolmen" originally launched back in August 2018. In other words, it was a long three years between the project's first crowdfunding announcement and the footage revealed during Gamescom 2021. That also means that Massive Work Studios has been putting in the hours on this game since well before publisher Prime Matter came aboard.


Even with that in mind, it'll be a bit before "Dolmen" makes its grand debut on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC. According to the game's official website and Steam page, "Dolmen" will be released at some point in 2022. Considering how crowded the early part of that year is for major game releases (as noted by Kotaku), there's a chance "Dolmen" could be put out a bit later in the year to avoid direct competition.

Is there a trailer for Dolmen?

There are a few trailers and sneak peek clips out there for "Dolmen," but two of the more recent ones give fans the best look yet at what the game has to offer. The story trailer opens with a computerized voice informing the viewer that an "inter-dimensional rift [has] appeared at the mining station in Revion Prime." It seems this rift in reality has allowed all manner of creepy crawly creatures access to the dimension where this story takes place. 


Over the course of the trailer, viewers can see how this rift has altered the landscape of the mining facility, with organic growths covering the metal walls and monsters laying waste to the surrounding area. The player's mission has become one of containment, which leads to the second half of the trailer. As the protagonist runs and guns their way through legions of enemies, the narrator seems to confirm that this never would have happened if it weren't for the extraordinary properties of the titular Dolmen.

In addition to that moody story trailer, fans have also gotten a great glimpse at how "Dolmen" will play, thanks to another great clip from Massive Work Studio.

What's the gameplay like in Dolmen?

Back during 2019's Gamescom, fans were able to get a lengthy look at "Dolmen" gameplay. In that 30-minute clip, which follows the protagonist hacking their way through enemies with an axe, Massive Work Studios showed off just a bit of the "Dark Souls"-esque combat and item scavenging players can expect when the full game launches.


However, the best look at the gameplay might have come in a more bite-sized video. In a gameplay trailer released Aug. 27, 2021, players can see just how much polish has gone into the game in just a few years. This teaser shows off some exciting run and gun gameplay that will be of great interest to fans of "Doom" and "Returnal," different elemental abilities that can add a shocking effect to the protagonist's axe swings, and different customization options for the player's armor. Players can even switch from guns to swords, as well as dual wield enough sharp objects to skewer any monster that gets in their way.

Basically, "Dolmen" is giving players who love a challenge multiple different ways to play — and the ability to look awesome while doing so.