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This Twitch Streamer's Fake Disease Is Causing An Uproar

"Rocket League" player and streamer MsDirtyBird has come under fire for lying about a cancer diagnosis to drive up her engagement on Twitch and social media. A Twitch streamer and former fan of MsDirtyBird, SwornRL, has put together a timeline of the events that led to the streamer's latest apology. As he notes, MsDirtyBird began telling her audience that she had been diagnosed with brain cancer as early as January 2021.

Things seemed to take a turn for MsDirtyBird when her sister (Flamango0420 on Twitch) went live earlier this year to address the brain cancer claims. She said, "I wanted to address my sister's stream today. Her having cancer. I don't think — she hasn't said anything to any of us." MsDirtyBird's sister further explained that the only surgeries the streamer has had recently would be one for her foot, and that she felt extremely hurt by MsDirtyBird's attempts to lie to her audience.

Over the course of several months, according to SwornRL's post, MsDirtyBird has both admitted that she made up the cancer diagnosis and has promised to do better in the future. For SwornRL's own part, he decided to put together this timeline and accompanying links after being accused of creating a bullying account called 'MsDirtyBirdShouldDie." SwornRL explained that he was innocent and wrote, "I do not want this type of person in tarnishing the 'Rocket League' community and the orgs and wonderful creators that are in it."

Now MsDirtyBird has finally offered an apology to her community — but it was a long and strange road to get to this point.

MsDirtyBird's first and second apologies

As noted by content creator Maximus Aemulus, MsDirtyBird's first attempt at an apology video was rejected outright when it was discovered that she was using dialogue from the script of the TV movie "Cyberbully." That video was quickly taken down.

In the days leading up to MsDirtyBird's second big apology, the streamer posted numerous screenshots showing the kinds of toxic and angry messages she'd been receiving. This was eventually followed by a picture of what appeared to be herself wearing a hospital wristband, along with a caption telling people she was finally "getting help" and that she wouldn't be back for a while.

The next day, MsDirtyBird posted a new apology video to her Twitter feed, in which she let people know right away that she wouldn't be working from a script this time. She admitted, "What I did was undeniably f***ed up and should never have happened," adding that she would be taking a break of "about 6 months to a year" from streaming and social media. MsDirtyBird also promised to continue seeking help and thanked her fans for listening to her apology.

It's unclear whether MsDirtyBird's Twitch career has been ruined or if she can remain true to her promise to come back better than ever. However, judging from the comments below her apology video — many of which point out that she went live barely an hour after posting the apology — it seems that viewers remain unconvinced of her remorse.