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Saint's Row 2 Is Free On GOG

Saint's Row 2, Volition's campy take on a Grand Theft Auto-style open-world adventure, is free for PC gamers during the next few days, thanks to the digital retailer GOG.

If you want to secure a copy of the game for yourself, all you need to do is create a GOG account (or sign in if you already have one), add the game to your shopping cart, and check out. That's it. Like other titles offered through GOG, this version of Saint's Row 2 is DRM-free and won't require a special launcher. Once you have it, it's yours.


GOG's Deep Silver Volition sale only lasts through the weekend, so if you want the game, get it now. And you should want it: while the first Saint's Row game is more or less a Grand Theft Auto clone, Saint's Row 2 ramps up the absurdity and forges a unique identity for the long-running series. Not only are the characters in Saint's Row 2 insanely customizable, the game's story is also action-packed. And the mini-games (which include streaking through Stillwater and terrorizing neighborhoods with a septic truck in order to bring down property values) are just as fun as they are silly.

Of course, the game's sequels (Saint's Row 3, Saint's Row 4, and the psuedo-expansion Gat Out of Hell) push the envelope even further, but Saint's Row 2 arguably finds the best balance between the crime dramatics of Grand Theft Auto and the cartoony mayhem of Saint's Row. For example, Saint's Row 4 is so extreme that it was almost banned in Australia.


If you like what you see, you can pick up the other Saint's Row games in addition to a number of other Volition titles for 78 percent off throughout the weekend.