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Cult Of The Lamb - What We Know So Far

Devolver Digital has developed a bit of a reputation for publishing games created by studios who think outside of the box. Action-adventure cult simulator "Cult of the Lamb" is no exception.

One individual on YouTube described the premise of "Cult of the Lamb" as "[Let's] worship the Dark Gods with cute little fluffs," before naming it "the game I didn't know I needed." Combining aspects of indie gems like "Don't Starve" and "Enter the Gungeon," the project offers all the charming woodland creatures you could possibly want, wrapped up in decidedly wicked packaging.


In "Cult of the Lamb," you play the part of a lamb who narrowly escapes death due to the supernatural intervention of a mysterious benefactor. It seems this favor comes with tentacles attached — to survive, you must recruit other animals to worship your otherworldly savior, all while gathering resources and purging rival religious groups. World domination has never looked so adorable.

Can't wait to combine the cute with the occult? Here's what you need to know about "Cult of the Lamb."

When will Cult of the Lamb release?

Devolver Digital may have just announced "Cult of the Lamb" at Gamescom, but it seems you won't have to wait long to experience the diabolical action-adventure. In fact, it will release sometime in 2022. The publisher declined to share which platforms the title would launch on, but its Steam listing indicates you will at least have the option to snag it for PC.


"Cult of the Lamb" is the latest project from Massive Monster, a three-person indie development studio. The group gots its start in the flash games industry before pivoting to console and desktop entries. Its previous works include "The Adventure Pals" and "Never Give Up," both of which came to PC and Nintendo Switch, with the former also hitting PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Series X|S. This could indicate that "Cult of the Lamb" will also release for consoles, though Armor Games Studios — not Devolver Digital — published Massive Monster's two previous titles.

Is there a trailer for Cult of the Lamb?

Devolver Digital and Massive Monster shared an official reveal trailer for "Cult of Lamb" on August 25. A blend of animated sequences and gameplay, the clip introduces the project's quirky premise, while also showing off the type of mechanics and encounters gamers can expect.


The opening moments show the main character's execution at the hands of a cult, followed by their resurrection by a rather dubious looking being in chains. Upon returning to the realm of the living, the lamb produces a sword and rains fire on their former captors before freeing the remaining prisoners. These individuals, all adorable woodland animals, immediately bow down in wonder to their savior, who soaks up all of the attention.

After the lamb's impressive comeback, the video transitions to a montage of scenes that illustrate the player's core objectives. The rest of the trailer focuses on gameplay, delivering an intriguing lineup of cute and devilish imagery.

What is the gameplay like in Cult of the Lamb?

"Cult of the Lamb" combines action-adventure, strategy, and life simulation elements to provide a unique gameplay experience. As the title's leading lamb, you're tasked with assembling the titular cult dedicated to the stranger who saved you from certain death. Explore a randomly generated map and gather resources to erect structures, "perform dark rituals," and deliver sermons to heighten the faith of your followers.


While cultivating your base plays an important role, you'll also encounter enemy hordes and "false prophets," other cult leaders who must be shown the error of their ways. After defeating one of these rivals, you can claim their power for yourself, further establishing the superiority of your own group. As your influence grows, you can shape your flock and band together to discover the mysteries of the area's five regions. You'll need all the help you can find to complete your unholy quest.