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Mads Mikkelsen Had A Priceless Reaction To Hideo Kojima's Latest Pitch

Hideo Kojima is always staying busy — between predicting the future in his storytelling and making games, the game creator doesn't really slow down. Most recently, he shared that he talked about developing a game featuring his friend Mads Mikkelsen as the star. The best part is that Kojima wanted to name the game "Mads Max."

According to Kojima's Twitter, Mikkelson "listened intently" to the gaming idea until he heard the name. Once Kojima told him he wanted it to be named "Mads Max," Mikkelson "broke his face." Kojima wasn't kidding though, and his tweet made that clear.

Hideo Kojima has never had anything to do professionally with the "Mad Max" series. However, he's had a pretty deep admiration of the films for a while. According to a 2017 interview with Rolling Stone, Kojima thought "Mad Max: Fury Road Black and Chrome" was one big love letter to 120 years worth of cinematic history.

This respect for "Mad Max" runs deep, and it's almost certain that it fueled Kojima to create a play on the film series' title and his friend's name. Considering he's not the biggest fan of his upcoming game's name, "Death Stranding: Director's Cut," it would be pretty fantastic if Kojima could work on a game with a title that spoke to his heart. Even though the tweet seemed like a joke, it had the internet wondering: Could "Mads Max" become a reality? 

Could Mads Max actually happen?

While a name like "Mads Max" seems a bit over the top, it doesn't mean that it's completely ruled out. Kojima has expressed his love for the "Mad Max" movies multiple times, but the director of "Mad Max: Fury Road," George Miller, has also said great things about the game creator as well.

After "Death Stranding" was released, Miller spoke to IGN about how interesting the game was, even likening it and Kojima's skills to progressive films. According to Miller, Kojima is pushing "creative boundaries" in the best ways possible.

While Miller wouldn't be the only person Kojima would need permission from in order to use his newest title, the director's support is definitely a step in the right direction. If anything, Miller could help Kojima in the process — if Kojima even needed help. According to Kojima's original tweet, Mads Mikkelsen already seemed interested in the contents of the game, so it wouldn't be a hard sell.

It's likely that "Mads Max" will never happen, but Kojima's sense of humor and eye for wild ideas continues to amaze fans.