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How Long Does It Take To Beat Life Is Strange: True Colors?

Since "Life Is Strange: True Colors" was announced at the Square Enix Presents Spring 2021 livestream, fans of the series have been hyped for it. Set to release September 10, 2021, this title features a brand-new adventure story with a supernatural twist. Like previous "Life Is Strange" games, "Life Is Strange: True Colors" features new characters, abilities, and surprises along the way. With all the new content, it makes sense that fans want to know how long it takes to beat "Life Is Strange: True Colors." Luckily, reviews have helped pinpoint how long it takes to beat the game, so players can plan their gameplay experience.

So far, the critic reviews for "Life Is Strange: True Colors" are generally glowing. You can expect this game to be arguably more heartfelt, mature, and exciting than its predecessors. As for the story, players take on the role of Alex Chen, a new resident in Haven Springs, Colorado living with her brother, Gabe. After Gabe's tragic, mysterious death, Alex's story transforms as her Empathy superpower helps her uncover the truth. Her mysterious powers give her the ability to pick up on color-coded emotional auras, absorb the emotions of others, and detect clues based on objects that are important to people. With a story that promises to be jam-packed with mystery, meaning, and mayhem, "Life Is Strange: True Colors" will provide a similar amount of playtime as previous games in the series.

How long is Life Is Strange: True Colors?

Various sources have clocked in their playtime estimates for "Life Is Strange: True Colors," though keep in mind most of these numbers are from gaming professionals of one sort or another. Individual results may vary, especially since crowdsourced estimates from players are unavailable ahead of the game's release.

For starters, IGN estimated "Life Is Strange: True Colors" takes around 14 hours to beat. Prima Games found the title takes closer to 10 hours to beat, with each of the five episodes lasting right around 2 hours each. Finally,  HITC discussed an estimated 10-15 hours to beat the game, based on the 2-3 hours it takes to beat each episode. Since all these estimates fall in the same ballpark, most players can count on taking at least 10 hours to finish "Life Is Strange: True Colors." These playtimes won't surprise "Life Is Strange" fans, as all three of the previous games take somewhere between 10-20 hours to complete each, according to GameRant.

"Life is Strange: True Colors" promises to deliver a touching story, mystery, and a soundtrack full of rad songs, as evidenced by the trailer. It's available September 10 on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Stadia, with a release on the Nintendo Switch to follow later in the year.