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Bayonetta Update Hints At Vanquish PC Port

Earlier today, 22 kilobyte patch for Bayonetta's recent PC port added exactly one thing to the game: a small picture of Sam Gideon, the star of Vanquish, a third-person shooter created by Bayonetta developer Platinum Games.


As a result, many fans and journalists are speculating that Vanquish is headed to PCs sooner rather than later. After all, shortly before releasing Bayonetta's PC edition, publisher Sega released a similar tease for that game: an 8-bit Bayonetta recreation, which was published on Steam.

On its release back in 2010, Vanquish—at the time, a console exclusive—shook up the traditional third-person shooter formula by mixing cover-base action with systems inspired by bullet-hell shooters and 2D beat 'em ups. In Vanquish, players can enter "Augmented Reaction" mode to slow down the action, and can propel themselves across the battlefield by using boosters built into Gideon's mechanical suit. Players can also duck in and out of cover quickly using "sliding boosts," which help Gideon dodge enemy attacks and put him in position to execute deadly strikes.


Vanquish earned positive reviews from critics, who praised the fast-paced combat but weren't thrilled about the length of the brief campaign. Vanquish nabbed a handful of Game of the Year awards, and was nominated by outlets like IGN and GameSpot for various year-end honors. However, Platinum Games only sold 830,000 copies of Vanquish across the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which isn't terrible, but is bad enough to make Vanquish qualify for our list of amazing video games that no one bought.

In other Bayonetta-related conspiracy theory news, Platinum Games recently updated five clips to its YouTube page, in which Bayonetta repeats the same lines three times each. Nobody's quite sure what that means. Some fans think that this could be Platinum Games' way of hinting at an upcoming Bayonetta 3 reveal. Others note that the entire Bayonetta franchise is weird, and this could be another example of Platinum just being very, very silly.