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How Long Does It Take To Beat Deathloop?

"Deathloop," the long-awaited PS5 console launch exclusivereleases September 14. Prior to launch, critic reviews became public, offering early opinions on the game and a rough estimate on how long it takes to beat "Deathloop." The game was originally set to release shortly after the launch of the PS5 last year, but has been delayed multiple times, giving fans plenty of time to wonder what to expect from the title, and how long it might take to complete.


As the name suggests, "Deathloop" is a time loop game, where protagonist Colt must kill eight visionaries in a single day to break free from the loop. Developed by Arkane Studios, best known for "Dishonored" and "Prey," the first-person shooter mixes stealth with all-out mayhem. "Deathloop" is also one of two PS5 timed-exclusive games from Xbox Games Studios, since Microsoft turned gaming on its head by buying Zenimax.

Despite the time loop premise of "Deathloop," it appears that the game is a bit more linear than people might expect. Based on the rough time estimates given by reviews, it doesn't seem like people will be beating their heads against the wall in "Deathloop" for too long.

It takes 10 to 20 hours to break the loop

Considering the nature of "Deathloop," hour counts will most likely vary heavily once the general public gets its hands on it. While it's unclear if there is a "minimum" number of loops to take in order to roll credits, it seems like the reviewers that included their hour count were all in the same ballpark. 


IGN's Matt Purslow came in at about 20 hours, exploring Blackreef's secrets before finally orchestrating a golden run, while TheGamer's critic Kirk McKeand said he took about 14 hours to get to the final run, which he completed in a single attempt. While it's not clear exactly how long that final attempt took, it probably didn't push McKeand too far past the 14-hour count.

Lastly, Destructoid's critic Chris Carter took only 10 hours to finish the game, playing at what they referred to as "medium pace." It's unclear if "Deathloop" could be beaten quicker than that on a first run-through, but Carter felt like they rook their time reaching the ten-hour mark. "Deathloop" is shaping up to be a massive seller this holiday season and seems to offer at least a dozen hours of fun, if not more. If the critics' reviews are any indication, the multiplayer mode in "Deathloop" could provide hours of enjoyment beyond the end of its single player campaign.