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Deathloop: Here's How To Save Your Game

Developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda, "Deathloop" has finally arrived on PS5 and PC. The critically acclaimed first-person shooter is now in people's hands, letting everyone experience the endless loop, which means players have burning questions about the game and how it works. One of the biggest questions on everyone's mind is how to save the game. Since "Deathloop" revolves around a single day, looping every time you die or the day ends, the game doesn't offer manual saves, perhaps to discourage people from reloading a save when they make a mistake instead of starting an entire new loop.

Over the 10 to 20 hours it takes to beat "Deathloop" most players will need to step away from the game mid-loop. Some players might also need to save or quicksave on PC, due to the many bugs and issues players are experiencing on that platform. After all, the multitude of review bombs on Steam indicated that all wasn't right with "Deathloop" on PC, and many fans seemed upset that Arkane did not include a quicksave option. So here is how saving works in "Deathloop" and how you can be sure that your progress has been recorded.

Deathloop autosaves at specific points

According to HyperxGaming, there are a few specific events that trigger the game's autosave feature, which is the only way to save the game. The autosave occurs whenever players enter the mission menu, which happens at the start of a loop and whenever Colt leaves an area. This is when the time of day shifts and players can select a new area to explore. The other time the game autosaves is shortly after exiting this menu. After selecting an area to explore, a short cutscene will play where Colt exits the tunnel and enters the area, prompting an autosave.

For players looking to take a break mid-area, they'll have to trust the PS5 suspend mode. The game cannot be saved in an area and will not autosave in the middle of a mission. For people concerned about losing progress, make sure to return to the mission select area before quitting to ensure that the game saves.