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Unreleased Game Boy Game Is Finally Coming To Switch

There's a lot of value in nostalgia. Many gamers are chasing the rush of playing the original Game Boy by using emulators online or buying a specialized handheld, like the Analogue Pocket. However, nostalgia can be achieved through other methods, too, like Nintendo Switch Online's old-school treasure trove of SNES and NES titles. Though Nintendo might not be publishing new Game Boy games any longer, one indie team banded together to bring an anticipated Game Boy Color title to the Switch, and fans are thrilled.

Incube8 hosted a successful Kickstarter campaign to produce a physical run of "Infinity," an Affinx Software title that was officially canceled in 2002. Though the source code for "Infinity" was released years ago, Incube8 wanted to revive the title and give it the physical release it deserved. Like many Kickstarter campaigns, the "Infinity" project had a number of reward tiers and stretch goals, which would only be accomplished through the support of fans. Though Incube8 planned to release a physical version of the Game Boy Color game, it also wanted to produce a digital version as well, so gamers could experience "Infinity" whether they had access to a retro console or not. It turns out that "Infinity" will get its physical release, but the project hit another goal that has Switch fans eagerly awaiting the new release.

Enhanced and ready for action

"Infinity" will release on the Nintendo Switch and Steam in a special enhanced edition, according to the Kickstarter. The enhanced version will have "a few small but important quality improvements, such as modern aspect ratios and improved audio," making it more than just a typical Game Boy Color game. In addition to the digital release, Incube8 will release special edition glitter cartridges of "Infinity," along with a classic black cartridge option.

Gamers will need to wait a while to get their hands on "Infinity," as most of the Kickstarter rewards aren't expected to begin shipping until Fall 2022. However, many fans have been waiting twenty years for "Infinity" to arrive, so a little longer probably won't hurt.

"Infinity" is a strategy RPG that follows a knight as he tries to unite two warring countries. It features a tactical combat system with contemporary quality of life improvements and more than 50 explorable areas, as well as a gripping story that is finally reaching its audience after 20 years of languishing in obscurity. "Infinity" proves that there's still a market for retro-styled games, and that gamers are more than happy to pick up older titles on the Switch.