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TimTheTatman Has Finally Joined An Esports Org

Following months of swirling rumors, YouTube Gaming streamer TimTheTatman has officially joined an esports organization. Not only has Timothy "TimTheTatman" Betar officially joined Complexity Gaming, but he is now a co-owner of the organization. Betar had teased a day prior to the announcement that he had finally committed to an organization and was prepping the announcement, which sent fans into an excited frenzy.

TimTheTatman has actually been on a hot streak of massive announcements, joining Complexity only a few weeks after the news broke that he would be moving from Twitch to YouTube, where he now streams exclusively. While there had been rumors of Tim possibly joining NickMercs at FaZe Clan or going over to 100 Thieves, Betar ended up signing with an arguably smaller brand in Complexity — and there might be some good reasons for that decision.

For a quick comparison, Complexity has about 250,000 followers on Twitter, while FaZe Clan has 5.6 million and 100 Thieves has 1 million. While Twitter followers are by no means the only relevant statistic when it comes to esports brands, it does give a general idea of the size and influence of each organization. As noted by the official announcement of the deal (via Business Wire), Tim's 18 million followers across multiple platforms automatically raised the org's clout and online presence. Here's why TimTheTatman couldn't pass up joining Complexity.

TimTheTatman's reasons for joining Complexity

As noted in the official press release, TimTheTatman is a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys, and it just so happens that Complexity is owned by Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys. The official Cowboys Twitter account even congratulated Betar on joining the "family," cementing his place in the Cowboys' legacy.

In addition to raving about Complexity's "esports facilities," Tim explained, "I've followed Complexity's success and I am impressed with their commitment to winning in top-tier esports and the loyalty of their fans... I'm a lifelong Cowboys fan so this is a special opportunity within esports." While details are scarce, Betar's status as a new co-owner likely means that he now has a financial stake in the company. With Complexity being smaller than some other esports organizations, this might have allowed Betar to get a bigger share or a better deal overall.

Regardless of the reasons why Betar choose Complexity, the org is putting the streamer front and center, making him the banner image on its official Twitter page. The deal also seems to have had zero impact on who Betar streams with, as the gamer was more than able to run "Warzone" with NickMercs the day after the announcement.