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For Honor Season Two Introduces Ninjas And Centurions

"Who would win in a fight, a viking, a knight, or a samurai?" sounds like the kind of idle conversation you'd have with friends on a lazy Saturday night, but it's actually the basis of Ubisoft's best-selling game, For Honor. The melee fighter's second season begins on May 16, 2017, and brings with it two new heroes and a couple of new maps.


The Shinobi, which arrives when Shadow and Might launches next month, gives the Samurai faction its own Assassin, using stealth and the sickle-like kusarigama to execute quick, precise kills. The Centurion, which is part of the Knight faction, wields a one-handed Roman sword and wears heavy armor. It is a Hybrid class. Both characters will be available to For Honor season pass owners for free when Shadow and Might begins, while other players can purchase the characters using Steel, For Honor's in-game currency, starting on May 23.

In addition, the Shadow and Might season will introduce the Forge and Temple Garden maps to the game's regular rotation, as well as a new "Epic" gear level. For Honor's faction war, in which players can use assets they earn while playing to claim sections of a map for their chosen faction, will be reset as well.


Ubisoft has at least two more seasons of For Honor planned. Glory and Wild, which begins this summer, and Instinct and Discipline, which is scheduled for this fall, will each introduce two more characters, two more maps, and a handful of other features. Expect more information about For Honor season three and season four to surface at E3, and later this year.

For Honor is a third-person action game that focuses primarily on large-scale multiplayer battles and detailed melee combat. Using a system that Ubisoft calls "The Art of Battle," For Honor players duke it out in a variety of medieval settings by paying close attention to their foes' positioning, and unleashing attacks that take advantage of their opponents' weak spots. For Honor launched in February to positive reviews. Since then many players have grown wary of the game's upgrade system, which requires players to either grind away or use real money to unlock everything that For Honor has to offer.