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Deathloop: How To Increase Colt's Health

"Deathloop" made quite the splash in the world of gaming since its September 14, 2021 release. Like many titles in 2021, the game was delayed multiple times, which created quite a high level of anticipation among fans. Now that it's finally here, critics generally have great things to say about "Deathloop", and true fans of the game are already playing it on repeat and finding numerous Easter eggs in the title.

Whether you're just starting "Deathloop" or you're already deep into the Loop, one important skill you need to know is how to increase the main character Colt's health. Though "Deathloop" doesn't take long to beat, it's definitely complex and will require a healthy dose of patience and persistence. Having a buffered health bar will give players more of both, especially when things start to feel repetitive.

After all, repetition is the name of the game in "Deathloop." The gameplay mechanics of "Deathloop" mean that players have to restart the game's central murder puzzle mission at the end of every in-game day, so they'll need to take advantage of opportunities to infuse weapons and abilities between loops. As for health, here's everything you know to get Colt in tip-top shape.

Use trinkets to increase Colt's health in Deathloop

To get Colt's health as high as possible, there are a few simple techniques you can employ. The most obvious is gathering health-boosting trinkets either by finding them or foraging them off killed enemies. Trinkets can then be equipped to boost different aspects of Colt's weapons or personal traits. Players can also infuse 

According to the "Deathloop" fans, there are a few particularly helpful trinkets for health increases, as well as a few to avoid. For starters, Never Say Die is the most straightforward in that it provides a health increase, no strings attached. Beyond that, Swift Stitch gives you the chance to regenerate health more quickly, while Comeback Kid will increase the amount of health you're able to regenerate. Steel Lungs also helps with health regeneration, but only when you're exposed to gas. Finally, Bloodthirsty Brawler will let you get back more health if you're attacking with a melee weapon.

Avoid the Poisoned Chalice at all costs, as it will eat away at your health with nothing positive to offer. Plasma Power will also take away your health, but only once you've expended all your power. The final relevant trinket for health is Last Stand. Though it won't impact your health amount, it'll allow you to deal a higher amount of damage with lower health.

While "Deathloop" doesn't offer a more traditional system of leveling or experience, it does allow for some character customization via trinkets. However, fans have to make the decision to prioritize health.

Upgrade the Nexus ability for a two-pronged health boost

In addition to taking advantage of trinkets, players can get a health boost once they unlock the Nexus ability, which has been called one of the five best abilities in "Deathloop." According to "Deathloop" fans, you can get this enemy-linking ability after killing Harriet Morse or, if luck is on your side, Julianna. By using the Nexus slab to connect enemies' minds, players can do damage to multiple foes and fight with more ferocity and efficiency.

Best of all, while using Nexus with the Parasite upgrade, Colt can leech health from enemies he attacks to boost his own. It's a win-win! Other Nexus upgrades include honing with Attraction, creating additional chain reactions with Influence, and saving power with Protraction. Combining trinkets with the Nexus ability's more healthful upgrades will make navigating the Loop a breeze for Colt, and give players a much needed boost as well.