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Death Stranding Has A PT Easter Egg You Won't Want To Find Alone

"Death Stranding: Director's Cut" is out now, adding a ton of new features and next-gen updates to Hideo Kojima's polarizing game, which received lower review scores than fans expected. While PlayStation has announced tons of new additions to the game, like a firing range and more tools to help Sam Porter Bridges deliver packages across the apocalypse, it seems like the director's cut includes a few hidden secrets as well. "Death Stranding: Director's Cut" appears to have a new Easter egg that's a spooky reference to "PT," the demo for Kojima's canceled horror game.

The new Easter egg appears as a nightmare when Sam is in his private room and sleeping. In the sequence, Sam sees the silhouette of what appears to be a BT in his shower, just standing there in a similar pose to Lisa in "PT." As Sam approaches it, the figure begins moving rapidly and making strange noises. Eventually, it stops moving, striking a pose briefly. At this point, players are viewing this from a first-person perspective, with Sam's character model completely out of view, just like "PT." Eventually, the figure bursts out of the shower and rushes at Sam, getting very close to his face and the player's screen. The BT model appears to be Hideo Kojima himself, based on the iconic glasses, but it's hard to tell. As with all things Kojima, fans immediately began speculating what the dream could mean, hoping that it could be a sign that "Silent Hills" isn't totally dead just yet.

A fun Easter egg or future tease?

While this seems like Kojima making a fun reference to his canceled PlayStation project, the topic of "PT" is a sensitive one for gamers. "PT" was believed to be a teaser for Kojima helmed "Silent Hill" game called "Silent Hills." However, that project fell apart and was eventually canceled. That game never saw the light of day and "PT" was pulled from the PlayStation Store. Since there have been multiple rumors about a potential "Silent Hills" game, with the latest being a conspiracy about Blue Box Studios, which some people think is secretly Kojima. In other words, Kojima's fanbase brings a significant amount of speculation to any project he works on, and even the smallest details become talking points for years to come. 

Unfortunately, this Easter egg seems like nothing more than a silly reference. After all, there are plenty of other dream sequences that Sam experiences at random during "Death Stranding: Director's Cut" including one where a massive and menacing whale sneaks up behind Sam after he pokes his head out the door. No one has argued that the aquatic dream is a reference to Kojima potentially making an "Ecco the Dolphin" sequel, yet. It's just a silly thing that adds a bit of creepy fun to the game. Speculation or not, it wouldn't really be a Kojima game if it didn't include some real bonkers stuff in it, right?