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Project Eve - What We Know So Far

The PlayStation Showcase 2021 on September 9 was jam-packed with gaming updates, including big news about "Spider-Man 2" and "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake." However, another title caught the interest of fans with four full minutes of gameplay. For anyone that likes action, adventure, outer space, and a complex story, "Project Eve" may be the next release to watch out for.


"Project Eve" is an upcoming post-apocalyptic sci-fi title that will take you on an "adventure in the face of unknown creatures on a desolate, destroyed Earth," as described on the PlayStation blog by Shift Up director Kim Hyung Tae, a leader of the team behind the offering. The game's development was announced in 2019, but few details were revealed until now.

The action-adventure puts you in the shoes of Eve, a survivor of invader attacks who lets nothing stand in her way in her quest for justice. Though there's still a lot to learn about the PlayStation 5 title, here's what we know so far about the release date, trailer, and gameplay of "Project Eve." 

When's the release date for Project Eve?

There is no official release date for "Project Eve." Given the upcoming title was revealed at the PlayStation Showcase 2021 on September 9, it makes sense that its creators could need some time to build anticipation around it. Add to that the fact that "Project Eve" is still in development and it seems likely it'll be quite some time before it's available to play. 


"Project Eve" is both developed and published by Korean company Shift Up, which describes itself as an "all-in-one game design and development studio that crosses a wide range of fields," including production, promotion, video, music, illustration, and more. Lead concept artist Changmin Lee explained how the genre of "Project Eve" helped it stand out in the Korean market, since it's "sci-fi based, which is not mainstream like the fantasy genre." 

The Shift Up team is growing with new positions available for "Project Eve," so a launch date reveal might not happen for a while.

What's the Project Eve trailer like?

The four-minute "Project Eve" PlayStation Showcase 2021 trailer opens with an epic space fight between a sword-bearing Eve and a giant, tentacled monster. After the cinematic first minute, the trailer cuts to a showcase of various locations including dilapidated cityscapes, industrial areas, and stunning nature shots as a serene voiceover prays, "Our Mother in heaven, our attempt to guard our Earth was to no avail. We could not fulfill the sacred duty of defeating our enemies and saving humankind."


After a call for forgiveness and a promise to fight, the prayer wraps up with "lead us not into temptation," which likely is a nod to the well-known Christian "Lord's Prayer." Next, fans see the tentacled creature looming over a city, until heavy rock music leads into gameplay. Eve fights tentacled creatures in an old subway station and takes on mini tentacle monsters as well as a humanoid creature. A low voiceover identifies this parasitic invader as "N-NA:tive," a potentially problematic name given the impact of colonization on indigenous people, according to GameRant. Eve takes out the foe and battles on as the low voice continues, saying, "Ever since that day, all the cities on the face of the Earth became desolate like this place."


More battle ensues until Eve approaches a table with candles and photos, stating, "They are still waiting for Mother Sphere's redemption." A fight with a giant, spiked enemy wraps up the trailer until a bonus end scene after the title reveal in which Eve meets an Alpha NA:tive with a fiery sword.

How will gameplay work in Project Eve?

As established in the showcase trailer, "Project Eve" will feature its fair share of fighting and adventure. On the PlayStation blog, Kim Hyung Tae broke down some of the key gameplay elements. As far as combat is concerned, expect it to be "deliberate ... while remaining fluid and zestful." Attacking, defending, and evading are key as players learn to "grasp the attack patterns of various enemies and counter with precise timing." You can also count on enjoying all the game-changing benefits of the PS5's DualSense controller.


The plot of "Project Eve" will hinge on Eve discovering "the secret hidden in this unusual world" which will feature "unprecedented vibes" in comparison to other post-apocalyptic settings. You'll get to explore by climbing, sliding, and swinging your way through the mysterious landscape. If you're lucky, you might just find hidden treasure.

The more players move through the game, the stronger Eve gets. As the Beta Gauge and Burst Gauge increase through combat, gamers can upgrade their skills, weapons, and costumes. Though these are the early days of "Project Eve," there's plenty to get excited about.