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Darksiders III Announced Via Story Trailer

Darksiders, THQ's apocalypse-themed hack n' slash adventure game, is back for a third round. Following a leaked product listing that appeared on Amazon earlier this morning, THQ Nordic has released a brand new Darksiders III trailer on IGN.


In Darksiders III, you'll play as Fury, one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who is tasked with tracking down and killing the seven deadly sins. The game will appear on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PCs. THQ Nordic expects to launch Darksiders III sometime in 2018.

In a press release, THQ Nordic confirms that Darksiders III will be an open-world title that mixes combat with exploration and puzzle-solving. As a mage, Fury fights with a whip and a healthy arsenal of magic, which will help her navigate the perils of an "open-ended, living, free-form planet Earth that is dilapidated by war and decay, and overrun by nature." The game takes place at roughly the same time as Darksiders 2, which came out in 2012.


While Darksiders III is developed by Gunfire Games and not Vigil Games, which handled the first two Darksiders titles, THQ notes that Gunfire's staff is made up of a number of Vigil veterans, including Darksiders co-director David L. Adams.

The first Darksiders game launched in 2010 and starred the horseman War as he navigated the ongoing war between Heaven and Hell. The sequel featured War's brother, Death, on a mission to clear War's tainted name. Both games earned positive reviews, with critics praising both Darksiders' vast, intriguing setting and its fun, fluid combat—to say nothing of one of the largest boss battles in gaming history.