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What The Critics Are Saying About Far Cry 6

There are two certainties in life: taxes and Ubisoft releasing more "Far Cry" games. "Far Cry 6" releases on October 7 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC, and critic reviews have begun rolling in. The reviews are all over the place, although they seem to agree on a few points about the open-world first-person shooter. "Far Cry 6" takes place on the island nation of Yara, ruled by a dictator, played by "Mandalorian" actor Giancarlo Esposito. Dictator Anton Castillo is based on the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, as he oversees Yara with an iron fist.


From the trailers and early looks, "Far Cry 6" seems to take the same gameplay formula that the series has stuck to since "Far Cry 3" and layer a more thoughtful story on top. The game stars Dani Rojas, who reluctantly joins the revolution to take the island of Yara back from the Castillo dictatorship. There's been a good deal of hype around the title, but do critics think that "Far Cry 6" hit the mark?

Critics are split on if more Far Cry is a good thing

There seems to be a general consensus that "Far Cry 6" is more in line with older "Far Cry" titles, but whether that is positive or negative seems to vary. On the higher end of the ratings, Game Informer's Brian Shea gave "Far Cry 6" a 9/10, writing that "Far Cry 6 is a compelling open-world action game from the early moments through the final confrontation. The main storyline is exciting, and I never ran into a shortage of side content to enjoy."


GameSpot's Phil Hornshaw has a review-in-progress, currently giving "Far Cry 6" a 7/10. Hornshaw complimented the game's chaotic missions and rewarding loadout customization, but felt that many missions felt unnecessary and weapon upgrading seemed pointless.

VGC critic Jordan Middler came in on the lower end, giving "Far Cry 6" a 2 out of 5, writing, "Far Cry 6 feels like the last of these games that they can make like this. The series has shown so much promise in the past, but Far Cry 6 is a greatest hits of all of its worn-out genre tropes, that occasionally pause for a dull, nasty story and a wasted appearance by Giancarlo Esposito." Middler felt that "Far Cry 6" is a bland, over-filled, open-world game at its worst, offering nothing new and reusing gameplay mechanics that have been used for over a decade.


As more reviews begin to trickle in, and as the game itself releases, fans will have to make the ultimate judgment on "Far Cry 6."