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This Far Cry 6 Bug Has Players Losing Their Minds

Ubisoft's latest open-world game, "Far Cry 6," has finally been released. Like prior games in the series, players are tasked with taking down an evil leader — inspired by Fidel Castro this time — while completing a wide range of tasks and battles across a massive map. However, "Far Cry 6" seems intent on making it harder for some players to do this, thanks to its autosave system.

An issue with the "Far Cry 6" autosave function is resulting in some players getting stuck in an endless loop of death. "Far Cry 6" does not feature a manual save function, nor does it keep multiple autosaves on deck, so wherever the game has most recently decided to save is where you will load back in. For some people, like user xDenniK on Reddit, the game autosaved while they were a few feet off the ground. Now whenever they load into the game, they spawn a few feet above the ground and quickly plummet to their death. This cycle occurs too quickly for them to either fast travel somewhere or do anything to prevent death.

When Kotaku reached out to Ubisoft about the issue, a company rep explained, "The dev team is looking into the issue for a permanent fix. In the meantime, players can have someone join them in co-op." While Ubisoft works to fix the issue, players are getting more frustrated and seeking out their own fixes.

A game-breaking bug in Far Cry 6

Although "Far Cry 6" has been getting decent reviews from critics, some people have been unable to finish the game as intended, making this issue a game-breaking bug. Podcaster Alice Caldwell-Kelly said on Twitter that the glitch basically wiped her entire save, since there was no way around the death after the autosave load. Other people have posted clips of similar incidents on Reddit.

The main problem here is that there is no way to load any save file other than the autosave. Without the ability to manually save and load the game, players are at the complete mercy of the autosave.

The general consensus in the Reddit comments seems to be that the only way to break the loop and fix your "Far Cry 6" save is to invite a friend to play co-op while still in the main menu. When the game loads in with both players, it places you higher in the air so you can use the parachute. Plus, instead of dying instantly, you can be revived by your co-op partner. The drawback to this method is that it requires you to know another person who owns "Far Cry 6," which not everybody does.