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Far: Changing Tides - What We Know So Far

Described as an "atmospheric vehicle adventure," "Far: Changing Tides" tells the story of Toe, a young boy who sets sail in search of a place to call home. A companion game to "Far: Lone Sails," "Changing Tides" unfolds in the same setting, adding greater depth and variety to the desolate world players already know. In addition to stepping into the shoes of a new protagonist, the follow-up adds never-before-seen environments to explore, puzzles to solve, and mechanics to master. Central to the gameplay, you also take charge of a unique seafaring vessel with its own stories to tell.


"Changing Tides" continues the "Far" series, building on the foundation established in "Lone Sails." The indie darling released for PC in 2018 before making the jump to consoles the following year, earning scores of 80 or higher across all platforms on Metacritic. One of a growing number of excellent games created by very few people, "Lone Sails" features its own hybrid vehicle and post-apocalyptic landscape, serving up sand and sun bleached desert in contrast to the flooded locales of "Changing Tides."

Ready to uncover the secrets of the high seas? Here's everything we know about "Far: Changing Tides" so far.

What is the Far: Changing Tides release date?

Developer Okomotive announced "Far: Changing Tides" in June 2021. While it shared several deep dives into the production process in the following months, the studio declined to lock in a release date, instead designating the action-adventure as "Coming Soon" on the Steam listing. How soon is soon? "Early 2022" appears to be the target.


According to a Game Developer interview with lead artist Don Schmocker, "Lone Sails" began life as a Bachelor's project in fall 2015. Schmocker later joined forces with other Zurich University of the Arts students to bring the title to life and found Okomotive. Their hard work culminated in a mid-2018 release, capping off a nearly three-year development cycle. While it's not clear when "Changing Tides" entered production, Scmocker indicated in a separate interview that the process "felt more streamlined" the second time around. Thanks to a clearer vision and more defined work flow, the companion title may hit its goal of debuting at the start of next year, though it appears to have already been delayed at least once.


Unlike its predecessor, "Far: Changing Tides" will enjoy a simultaneous launch on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Is there a trailer for Far: Changing Tides?

At just over one minute, the Announcement Trailer introduces the submerged world of "Far: Changing Tides." It opens with a scene depicting the young protagonist, Toe, seemingly unconscious underwater. He jerks awake, swimming to the surface to discover an empty settlement, half-claimed by sea. The shot shifts to Toe sailing on his hybrid vessel, the sails filling with wind. A montage showing off different areas follows, including a mountainous region replete with elk and frigid water dotted with ice caps and strange machinery. The trailer concludes with Toe reaching the top of some sort of massive device, which he manages to activate despite its state of disrepair.


Players who prefer in-engine footage over cinematics should also check out the "Far: Changing Tides" Feature Reveal Trailer that dropped in late August. Building on the moody atmosphere of the Announce Trailer, the two-minute video offers a look at the inside of Toe's ships, along with the forgotten ruins and factories waiting to be uncovered. You can also catch a glimpse of its puzzles and underwater sequences, further highlighting the title's "solitary, almost meditative approach to gameplay."

What is the gameplay like in Far: Changing Tides?

"Far: Changing Tides" mixes environmental perils with puzzles and ship management. According to the Steam listing, Toe must maintain his unique vessel, a multi-step process centered on "unlocking parts, fixing faults and searching the watery depths for precious fuel and salvage." As you travel, the ship's true capabilities come to light, strengthening the bond with its captain.


"I think the most difficult part was to create a concept that's not just like 'now we add all the things we couldn't do in the first game and make it bigger and better' but instead something that has its own identity and place," shared Okomotive co-founder Don Schmoker. "During production, the question to make a feature the same or different from the first game came up a lot. We decided to move away from that mindset and ask if the feature worked independently before deciding to add it into 'FAR: Changing Tides.'"

Schmoker emphasized that the team created the "Far" universe so "that the player doesn't have to hurry or fight," instead taking in world at their own pace. These ideals formed the backbone of the setting, and persist in "Changing Tides." While not a direct sequel to "Lone Sails," the titles share common ground. The developers moved in this to ensure players can enjoy what the companion game has to offer, whether they've played the original or not.