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Why King Shark From Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Sounds So Familiar

DC fans were given a treat this weekend with the virtual FanDome event, a stream that previewed several upcoming DC projects. While there was plenty to get excited about, one of the things that had many fans over the moon with excitement was the story trailer for "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League." The new trailer gave fans a new look at what the game will be about, but it also raised a lot of questions. One question, in particular, is about the voice actor behind King Shark, one of the main characters in the game.

King Shark played quite a large role in "The Suicide Squad" in 2021, and he even had some touching scenes that were deleted from the final product. In the story trailer for the game, his voice confused many people. While the role of King Shark in the movie was created for Sylvester Stallone, Stallone's voice won't be part of the game. Instead, wrestling fans might have recognized his voice from somewhere else.

King Shark in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is actually a pro wrestler

WWE fans may have recognized Joe Seanoa as the voice of King Shark in the trailer for "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League." Seanoa, who goes by Samoa Joe while wrestling, has his own charm, even though he doesn't sound quite like Sylvester Stallone. Seanoa has done a ton of voice acting for WWE titles, he's also appeared in other big projects. For example, he was part of the "Transformers: Power of the Prime" TV series and "DOTA 2."Wrestling Inc mentioned that Seanoa has a love for games, so the role of King Shark was right up his alley. Fans will be able to see more of his voice acting skills when the game is released in 2022 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

With limited information about "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League" available, fans have latched on to any details about the game's several trailers, including its use of a specific song