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Lightyear Frontier - What We Know So Far

Upcoming title "Lightyear Frontier” promises to have a little something for everyone. The game was announced through a brief reveal trailer during the August 10, 2021 ID@Xbox Showcase, which highlighted the work of indie developers.


"Lightyear Frontier" features a unique variety of open-world adventure, farming simulation, co-op, and sci-fi elements. Already, many have compared it to popular farming sim "Stardew Valley," and for good reason, especially considering that game was also made by a small indie team. As described through information linked on the official "Lightyear Frontier" site, the title will include "crafting, resource management and base building, wrapped in a mystery-driven narrative with a cosmic country soundtrack."

"Lightyear Frontier" has a fresh yet familiar vibe, as well as a healthy dose of versatility, especially since it offers both solo and co-op online for anywhere between 1 and 4 players. Gamers have alien flora and fauna to grow and work with as they "endure the elements and build [a] new home away from home."


It's only the beginning of the "Lightyear Frontier" story, and though there's still a lot to learn, the details available now paint a complex and colorful picture that will likely appeal to gamers of many genres.

What is the Lightyear Frontier release date?

According to information linked through the game's official site, there's no publicly shared release projection or window for "Lightyear Frontier." Though, players can eventually get a taste of the game before deciding whether or not to buy it as the "current plan is a period of Early Access before the full release."


"Lightyear Frontier" is developed and published by FRAME BREAK, a studio founded in 2018 and later acquired by Swedish company Amplifier Game Invest. FRAME BREAK's unique structure allows any team member to impact any part of the game, which seems appropriate since co-op is a big part of "Lightyear Frontier." The company's setup helps it reach the goal of "creat[ing] games that break the mold of pre-established game genres."

Since the trailer suggests that the game is still in development, there's no way to predict the release timeline. Once it's out, "Lightyear Frontier" will be available for both Xbox Series X|S and PC.

What happens in the Lightyear Frontier trailer?

The "Lightyear Frontier" Reveal Trailer is short, sweet, and to the point. It opens with a stunning expository shot of a lush, green, rocky landscape at night, with a large red planet in the background and a briefly unidentified flying vehicle hurtling through the sky. A quick cut reveals the landing of what looks to be a flying RV, out of which a large, red, bipedal robot controlled by a person inside of it emerges.


More images of the natural scenery that brings the game to life follow, including a look at a fiery red meteor that's touched ground.The red robot explores the area, and its discovery of a grey, rune-like stone structure illuminated with shining purple accents could hold some important plot points. Things start to wrap up with a few more shots, including a house, crops, and windmills, all of which four robots in green, yellow, blue, and the aforementioned red watch over as the trailer comes to a close. The end screen takes up a whopping 15 seconds of the brief 55-second trailer, inviting players to "follow the development" of the game on its official site.

What is the gameplay like in Lightyear Frontier?

Although the trailer doesn't really dive into gameplay details, you can find plenty in the "Lightyear Frontier" Fact Sheet. As might be expected given the trailer, tending to crops is a big focus. FRAME BREAK promises "farming mechanics like you've never seen before," so players will have to focus not only on growing their harvest, but also optimizing their mech for both farming and exploration "into the planet's exotic ecosystem."


When it comes to exploring, a deep plot seems a surety with secrets and ruins waiting to be revealed. "Lightyear Frontier" will deliver a story of epic proportions, as players will be responsible for "[deciphering] a message that has waited for eons to be heard." There will be storms to weather, both literal and metaphorical, thanks to the presence of "four distinct seasons." In addition to creating the farm, you're free to build across your whole planet. To top things off in what's already a vastly unique game, "Lightyear Frontier" will feature a "chill cosmic country soundtrack" that's sure to set a quirky tone.

Now that you know everything there is to know about "Lightyear Frontier," you might be interested in getting prepared with some other games like "Stardew Valley." You can also keep up with development on the game's website, Twitter, and Discord.