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Elder Scrolls Collection Takes A Bullet And Saves A Life

The Elder Scrolls Anthology, a $75 compilation of all five Elder Scrolls games and their add-on content, isn't just a great collection for die-hard Elder Scrolls fans—it can also stop a bullet.

That's something that Reddit user RabbitMix learned the hard way. Over the weekend, RabbitMix was sitting in his apartment playing Prey—because of course he was—when he heard "a sudden loud pop and the sound of breaking glass." At first, RabbitMix thought that a light bulb had burst, but soon noticed a cloud of dust and a bullet hole very, very close to his monitor.


On further inspection, RabbitMix found the bullet lodged in his copy of The Elder Scrolls Anthology. From RabbitMix's photos, it looks like The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and its expansions Tribunal and Bloodmoon took the brunt of the hit, as all three discs were shattered. "R.I.P. to my favorite game of all time," RabbitMix laments. While The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was also a potential target, the game was saved by virtue of being in RabbitMix's disc drive at the time of the shooting.

RabbitMix reported the incident to the police, who came and collected the bullet as evidence. The Redditor promises to update fans if he gets any more information about the ongoing investigation, although so far, nothing else seems to be amiss.


Thankfully, the story has a happy ending: not only is RabbitMix alive and well, but after his post went viral, Bethesda reached out and offered to replace his copy of The Elder Scrolls Anthology free-of-charge. Naturally, RabbitMix accepted.

To say that RabbitMix is lucky is an understatement. The wayward bullet could've done some serious damage, of course, but even without that, people die from video games all the time. Watch out. You could be next.