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Why This Warzone Pro Was Banned During A $50,000 Tournament

"Call of Duty" tournaments are no stranger to drama and controversy, with the events often bringing out the worst in both their players and fans. Some of them have descended into outright chaos. However, a recent upset during a "Call of Duty: Warzone" tournament just might take the cake. This blowup led to a professional player not only losing their shot at $50,000, but also getting banned on Twitch.

 There's more to the story than a simple case of flaming another player, however: It was a dominoe-esque cascade of events that began with a minor insult. During a heated match, DenxH successfully took out the competition in the Gulag, but it was all over once he shot their corpse.

Corpse shooting has long been considered a form of trash talk amongst the competitive "Call of Duty" community. With many tournaments arranging and separating players intentionally to avoid unfriendly competition, popping a few rounds into a defeated foe has become one of the only means for cheeky players to sneak a little grief the enemy's way. What makes this case special is what happened after the body shooting — a Twitch firestorm that worsened matters. Pros like DenxH are great at what they do — but they have to play by the rules and watch what they say on cam.

Here's how a "Warzone" pro was banned in the middle of a $50,000 tournament.

How Did DenxH Get Banned?

As seen in a clip shared by Dexerto, amidst the Symfuhny Showdown, when DenxH won a Gulag match against opponent SuperEvan, he shot SuperEvan's corpse while in the throes of victory. SuperEvan didn't have much of a reaction, other than to ask, "Why are you shooting my body?" 

However, his Twitch fans became infuriated. Immediately after this action, SuperEvan's followers apparently flooded into DenxH's teammate's chat and vocally decried DenxH's actions while using hateful language that's against Twitch's terms of service (per Dexerto). Shortly afterward, DnxH was removed from the tournament and suspended from Twitch.

As far as DenxH can tell, it wasn't the act of shooting SuperEvan's corpse that got DenxH banned. It seems he was banned because his teammate, Jaay, read some of the offensive comments aloud on stream. Of course, considering how common corpse shooting has become in the competitive "Call of Duty" community, some fans have wondered why things escalated to this point — SuperEvan included

In the aftermath of the tournament, DenxH is left to wonder how and when he'll be reinstated on Twitch. This may stand as a lesson to other streamer: Be extra careful if you decide to read the chat out loud in the heat of battle.