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The Real Reason NickMercs Just Threatened Viewers With Bans

NickMercs has risen to the top of Twitch after years of hard work and grinding, and after signing the biggest contract of his life, he's continuing his Twitch journey. The battle royale streamer has never had a problem with speaking his mind to viewers, and he's even slammed a fan over "Warzone" trash talk. Recently, NickMercs resorted to threatening viewers with bans after fielding comments that were both frustrating and disruptive to the vibe of his channel.

While playing "Apex Legends" trios with 72Hours and Deeds, tensions started rising. The group ended up arguing with each other about strategy, and NickMercs' chat decided to pipe in and challenge NickMercs' argument. This immediately set the streamer off, and he started to turn against the chat for its "wall" of text.

Initially, he told the chat to stop talking because they're "not [playing] at the level we're at" and couldn't understand what the trio was trying to accomplish. He also justified his disagreement with 72Hours, saying that his teammate needed to hear that he was making the wrong moves if the group wanted to climb the ranked ladder. 

Following another round, NickMercs clarified that he would start banning anyone sending unsolicited advice on how to play the game. Despite the harsh-sounding response, he had his reasons for wanting the chat to chill out.

NickMercs wants to keep a good vibe on his channel

When explaining the situation, NickMercs argued that when chats aren't supportive, it can create a bad atmosphere on the channel. According to the streamer, this kind of disruption can "[make] everyone uncomfortable" while also "increasing the tension." He told his chat to stay out of arguments, because he felt the viewers just didn't have the "credentials" to back up their attempts to school him.

NickMercs did point out that he and his team appreciate supportive messages and that he doesn't have a problem with people sending messages in general. After this tirade, he also mentioned that he wasn't planning to start striking anyone down with a ban at the moment. In the end, he told everyone that they just needed to "chill" out — after which he seemed to take his own advice.

Streaming isn't as easy as some people might think it is, and tensions can run high between a streamer and their chat just as easily as they can between teammates. At the end of the day, the vibe that NickMercs wants for his channel is for everyone to relax and just enjoy the game without stressing too much.