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Maya Higa Had A Terrifying Experience At Twitch Rivals

Plenty of events have been going on both on and off camera as the 2021 Twitch Rivals event takes place. Parties and after events are always part of the fun, but Twitch streamer Maya Higa had a terrifying experience at one of the celebrations. While out with fellow friends from the event, her drink was spiked with a dangerous drug.

In a clipped Twitch video from a fan, Maya talked about her experience in Las Vegas at the Twitch Rivals event. The clip started with her explaining that she had been roofied in college, so she knew what it felt like. This was how she was sure her drink had been tampered with at the event.

Maya immediately knew something was wrong. In her words, "time was skipping" and the bathroom lock looked like it was hitting the ceiling, two signs that there was something going on that wasn't related to alcohol. After remembering what being roofied felt like, she dumped her drink in the bathroom toilet and stayed with her friends through the night. Luckily, nothing else happened, but she did have more details to share that weren't caught in the brief clip.

Friends were a big help for Maya

While the experience had to be terrifying, Maya mentioned that "it's not a problem" because she had QTCinderalla and Myth with her the entire night. While that doesn't necessarily justify what happened, she knew that she was safe that night. On Reddit, Maya's viewers were discussing more of the story that wasn't caught on the Twitch clip. According to some, Maya mentioned that there was a person at the party that was making her uncomfortable. In fact, Maya was so uncomfortable that she asked Myth to keep the person away from her.

Twitch has a lot of shady sides and dark corners, but this event was something that could have been much worse if it wasn't for Maya's quick thinking and her fellow streamer friends. Unfortunately, it's also not the first time a streamer has spoken out about being drugged at a Twitch event.

Back in 2019, streamer KTLODO was allegedly drugged at TwitchCon and had to be hospitalized. On Twitter, the streamer pointed out that the drug found in her system combined with the alcohol she had drunk "could've meant death." She also had friends that were able to get her to safety before any more damage was done.

While the setting for both terrifying experiences were Twitch events or after parties, it's important to note that the actions that occurred were an individual's fault, and Twitch — as well as the victims of the incident — aren't to blame for what happened.