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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Just Got Spoiled For Everyone

"Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl," highly-anticipated remakes of the Nintendo DS' fourth generation Pokemon games, finally release later this month for Nintendo Switch. However, it seems that some copies of the games have gotten into the hands of a few consumers earlier than intended, resulting in some leaks ahead of the official release. As reported by VGC, a user shared some information and footage about the game on the PokeLeaks subreddit in a now-deleted post. Other people have posted images of their physical copies of "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl" on Twitter, proving that it wasn't just an isolated incident.

As reported by Kotaku, footage from the game has been popping up on YouTube, though most of it doesn't stay up for very long. It seems like Nintendo is taking down leaks left and right to try to preserve the experience for gamers, which is to be expected at this point. 

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have a history of not only going after leakers to have early footage taken down, but have even successfully sued some leakers in the past. Earlier this year, a group of people who leaked "Pokemon Sword and Shield" info ahead of release were ordered to pay $150,000 each, proving that you really don't want to be a "Pokemon leaker." 

In the aftermath of these leaks, Redditors who aren't afraid of spoilers have been trying to figure out exactly how faithful these remakes are to the originals, as well as if they include any content from Gen 4's "Pokemon Platinum."

Do Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl contain Platinum content?

So far, it has not been officially confirmed by official channels whether or not "Brilliant Diamond" or "Shining Pearl" contain any content from "Platinum." Players were specifically looking for the Battle Frontier and the Distortion Zone from "Platinum," but have not been able to find leaked footage of either. 

However, the leakers have been able to confirm a few things about how close the remakes stick to the original games. One leaker has confirmed that not only do the Gym Leaders use their unaltered "Diamond and Pearl" teams, but so do the Elite Four. While this makes sense — after all, these are "Diamond and Pearl" remakes — some fans were hoping the better-balanced Gym Leader and Elite Four teams from "Platinum" would be used in "Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl." 

Another leaker confirmed that the Distortion Zone is not in the game, but the remakes have something functionally similar. It's unclear what exactly that means, but if these leaks are to be believed, it does appear at least some parts of "Platinum" are present, albeit in an altered state.