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The Painful Reason Ludwig Ended His Stream Early

Ludwig Ahgren and QTCinderella's relationship has seen its fair share of excitement, from the couple recording songs together to pushing their way through Ludwig's successful subathon earlier this year. However, a recent accident led to both creators having to unexpectedly end their streams. 


Ludwig was streaming "Super Auto Pets" when QTCinderella barged in on the background of his stream. She said that she thought she had just broken her nose as she walked past the camera. Ludwig got up to check on her, and after a minute, came back and told his viewers that nothing was seriously wrong, but he wanted to get her checked out just to be on the safe side. With that, Ludwig ended his stream.

QTCinderella was also streaming at the time of the injury. After she had been gone for about five minutes, Ludwig popped up on her stream and told viewers that she had hurt her nose and that she'd hopefully be back soon.

After ending both streams with promises that nothing too extreme happened, the couple went to the Emergency Room to make sure QTCinderella got her nose looked at. A few hours later, Ludwig tweeted an update for fans that revealed the painful extent of QTCinderella's injury.


QTCinderella's unfortunate run-in

Ludwig's tweet explained that QTCinderella "ran full speed into a glass door," leaving her with a mild concussion. The streamer added some laughing emojis to the tweet, and QTCinderella seemed to think the situation was pretty funny in hindsight. She retweeted his update with a caption reading, "Glass Door: 1 / Me: 0."


Ludwig included a picture of the door in question, and there's a very visible point of impact where QTCinderella's poor face met the glass. Ludwig made sure to add a helpful arrow to the image, just so no one missed it.

Ludwig wasn't just getting laughs out of the situation, of course. He also encouraged friends and fans to "send cute animal pics" to cheer QTCinderella up. In response, streamers like Myth and Sodapoppin offered support and jokes, while several fans obliged with plenty of animal pictures. After all, running into a glass door doesn't sound very pleasant for anyone, and everyone knows that cute animals make everything better.

The incident certainly made for a dramatic end to both streamers' days, but it seems like they're going to be just fine.