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The Hilarious Reason Young Fans Keep Failing This Unpacking Puzzle

Moving can a strenuous task. While you and whoever you're moving with are typically excited to be getting out of one teensy spot and into a space with much more room, your friends are typically miserable and are only helping because you promised them $20 or pizza. "Unpacking," a new zen puzzle game, is built entirely around the exercise of moving into a new home. And despite its mundane premise, it seems to have caught on with a lot of people, earning solid user reviews on Metacritic. But some of the game's younger players seem a bit stumped when it comes to an iconic video game console featured in "Unpacking."


In a shell, "Unpacking" revolves around the player removing objects from boxes and arranging them around the house. The game guides players through various rooms, tasking them with putting things in their proper place. Should the player make a mistake and put an item where it is completely out place — like putting something that belongs in the living room in the kitchen — the player cannot progress and must adjust accordingly. And some younger gamers are becoming extremely confused about one item in particular: a Nintendo GameCube.

Players are mistaking a Gamecube for a kitchen appliance

In a bizarrely funny mix-up, some "Unpacking" players are mistaking the Nintendo GameCube for a kitchen appliance. The Gamecube, of course, is an iconic video game console that was out around the time of the PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox. What it lacked in power it made up for with charm and a focused approach to Nintendo IP, making it the perfect platform for some great hidden gems. However, the console came out in 2001 and was discontinued in 2007, and either predates most Gen Z gamers completely or is but a faint memory. Because of this, many people playing "Unpacking" are completely unaware of what it actually is. This has led to some gamers thinking it's some kind of toaster and trying to put it on the kitchen counter.


But gamers — especially older ones — love a good roast, and many have had a good time calling out players for not knowing what the GameCube is. Game designer Sanatana Mishra tweeted a few screenshots of people asking for help in figuring out where this mysterious cube belonged. Some responses have expressed confusion due to the Gamecube not being "that old," while other gamers on Twitter have been more forgiving, pointing out that many of today's younger gamers were born near the end of the GameCube's life cycle.

Hopefully the word is out now, and Gen Z players who are stuck in this section of "Unpacking" can start to get their move back on track.