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Ludwig Discovers The Secret To Amouranth's Success

Twitch star Ludwig recently discovered fellow streamer Amouranth's secret to success and it was a mind-blowing revelation. Amouranth is a well-known streamer, who rose to prominence after making some intense ASMR videos, being banned for said content, and pushing the limits of sexually suggestive content on Twitch. Amouranth makes over $1 million a month between her many ventures, but some people have probably wondered how she hasn't become bored yet. Unlike streamers who play games, Amouranth spends hours making various noises on ASMR streams, which some fans think would be mind-numbingly tedious after a few hours.

During one of Ludwig's recent streams, he was prepping to sign off when Amouranth popped up in the chat, saying the two should discuss business ventures together. Ludwig excitedly said the two should discuss business, but he quickly started asking how Amouranth was lurking in his chat. "Are you not live right now Amo? How are you typing in chat?" Ludwig asked. He seemed very curious as to how Amouranth was hanging out in his chat while she was supposedly live, so he pulled up her stream and found that Amouranth was in the middle of doing an ear-licking ASMR stream, which lead to the big revelation.

Amouranth watches Twitch streams and more while streaming

Ludwig was shocked to find Amouranth in the middle of a stream and started freaking out. "What? How is this happening? How is this possible?" Ludwig's excited confusion was enough to get Amouranth to break from what she was doing to laugh at his response, giving away the fact that her headphones were hooked up to Ludwig's stream.

​​"Do you just watch Twitch in your headphones secretly while licking a microphone? Did I just find out that you're secretly watching Twitch while farming thousands of views?" Ludwig asked.

Amouranth nodded in her stream (where viewers wouldn't know what she was reacting to) and Ludwig got even more excited at this revelation. Amouranth also confirmed that she also watches movies and TV shows while streaming by nodding to Ludwig's questions. Ludwig ended his stream by raiding Amouranth, declaring her the hardest working human on Twitch before signing off. While there are plenty of tragic details about Amouranth, at least she's found a way to entertain herself while streaming. Some of Amouranth's viewers might be upset that the stream isn't getting her "full attention," but it seems that she's a master of multitasking since none of her fans have noticed so far.