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YouTuber Discovers Terrifying Truth Of Metroid Dread's EMMIs

A YouTuber who regularly makes videos about going out of bounds in video games has revealed some incredible secrets in the newly released "Metroid Dread," including the terrifying way the deadly EMMIs move about the map. 


Ever since Shesez began his "Boundary Break" series, he's uncovered a number of secret areas that gamers were never supposed to find, and his exploration of "Metroid Dread" was no different. It's worth noting that Shesez typically doesn't cover games so close to launch, but thanks to fellow YouTuber Postposterous, who built a specialty camera tool for the game, Shesez was able to make this video much sooner. Now players who have the game fresh in their minds can see what the 2.5D map of "Dread" looks like from the outside.

One of the first (and greatest) revelations in the video is that the EMMIs, the unstoppable robotic enemies in "Metroid Dread," are actually stored underneath the map until Samus enters one of the game's designated EMMI Zones. The first EMMI in the game is encountered in a cutscene-like moment, but other EMMIs in the game just teleport to Samus' vicinity once she enters an EMMI Zone. 


This means no matter how careful you think you're being in "Metroid Dread," those EMMIs are always lurking somewhere close. Shesez shows off another example of an EMMI, this time the green one, only to pop right next to Samus when she reaches its EMMI Zone. By storing the EMMIs off-screen until they're needed, the game maintains the illusion that these sentries are constantly patrolling the map without having to use up too many of the Switch's resources. However, that wasn't the only cool secret that Shesez uncovered.

Metroid Dread has a lot of out-of-bounds secrets

Since the game is typically played in a 2.5D space with the camera pulled back, Shesez used to tool to get some close-up shots of many of the enemies and creatures in "Metroid Dread," allowing players to get a better look at them.


For instance, Shesez checked out the bottom half of Kraid during that boss fight, revealing that the designers built a fully-rendered bottom torso for the monster, but no legs. Shesez speculated that this was done to allow Kraid to move up and down during the fight without giving away that the character hadn't been completely modeled, since there is always enough lava to cover where the feet should be.

One of the other big things Shesez showed off was a close-up of Zero Suit Samus, which can only be seen during a death animation in the game. It's likely that "Metroid Dread" will continue to yield more secrets as Shesez continues exploring.