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Deathverse: Let It Die - What We Know So Far

"Deathverse: Let It Die" is the multiplayer sequel to the free-to-play roguelike "Let It Die." "Deathverse: Let It Die" is a gameshow-style PvP game, where players in wacky costumes use insane weapons to murder each other in order to earn points and likes. Per the PlayStation Blog, both games are described as survival action titles, with "Deathverse" being a multiplayer take on the genre. "Let It Die" was developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and published by Gungho Online Entertainment, however "Deathverse: Let It Die" is being developed by Supertrick Games.


Players fight for stardom in the Death Jamboree, a reality TV show where players attempt to survive and win massive amounts of prize money. The show takes place in a virtual space, known as the Deathverse, which was designed by a corporation to be the final resting place for people's souls. While the story setup for "Deathverse: Let It Die" sounds completely insane, its playstyle seems very similar to other battle royale style games, if on a smaller scale. Here's what we know so far about "Deathverse."

Is there a release date for Deathverse?

Announced during a PlayStation State of Play, "Deathverse: Let It Die" was given a Spring 2022 release window and is currently only announced for PS4 and PS5. Interestingly, no price was announced nor can the game currently be pre-ordered, making it seem that the game could be free-to-play like the first "Let It Die" or could be coming to PlayStation Plus when it launches. It is also unclear if the game might come to other platforms, like PC, in the future.


Without a solid release date, it's also possible that "Deathverse: Let It Die" will follow the path of so many other games that get delayed. Spring 2022 is packed with plenty of games, so that could be another reason for "Deathverse: Let It Die" to slip into a different part of the year. For now, Gungho Online Entertainment has been relatively quiet about the upcoming release, since revealing it during the PlayStation State of Play in October.

Deathverse: Let It Die trailer

The official trailer for "Deathverse: Let It Die" establishes the game's wild tone right away. The TV show, hosted by a man with a full set of gold teeth, has people compete for prizes, using some wacky weaponry. Characters are seen wielding hammers, circular saws, electric fists, and katanas in the third-person action. The trailer also shows off the other co-host, an energetic woman with a single gold arm. All of the player characters are dressed in silly outfits, pulled straight out of post-apocalypse — but, the fun kind of apocalypse.


The game seems focused on fast-paced combat, primarily melee, in a free-for-all format. While "Deathverse: Let It Die" could be a battle royale, it's not clear from its trailer how many players there are in each match and if you respawn after dying. That said, the game seems to be designed with battle royale in mind and is certainly taking some inspiration from things like "Hunger Games" with the game show aspects of it.

Deathverse: Let It Die gameplay

The official trailer for "Deathverse" provides the only glimpses of gameplay and it doesn't exactly spell out what kind of game it is. Based on the trailer, it's a competitive multiplayer third-person melee combat game. Players appear to earn "likes" from performing different attacks on other players, based on the fact that a number next to a thumbs-up emoji appears when players attack each other. It also seems as though players pick their weapons prior to the start of a match instead of finding weapons during the match.


There is also a part of the trailer that reads "forge new weapons and compete again," implying that players probably earn currency of some type to upgrade and unlock weapons in between matches. The exact method of scoring and the win criteria is not clear from the trailer, but there could also be more than one game mode. There were no signs of players being on teams from the trailer, but that doesn't necessarily mean there couldn't be team modes in the final game.