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Everything We Know About Fortnite Chapter 2's The End Event

Epic Games has officially announced that "Fortnite" Chapter 2 will end on December 4 with an event simply called "The End." Announced in a blog on Epic Games, "Fortnite" will be ending with a special event on December 4 at 4 PM ET with a special co-op event. There is a ton of information to take in about the special event and about the closing of the Chapter. Epic released a teaser trailer on YouTube announcing the event, which shows a squad of "Fortnite" characters heading towards the Cube Queen, presumably for some type of all-out battle. This also marks the end of Season 8, along with its battle pass.


Epic Games has not made any official announcements about Chapter 3, not even mentioning what comes after "The End." While this is only the second time "Fortnite" has had a Chapter-ending event, there are some possibilities for what happens next. The transition between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 resulted in a few days of downtime for the servers and an overhaul of the map, so those are possibilities for Chapter 3. While we don't know about Chapter 3, we do know a good bit about "Fortnite" Chapter 2's "The End" event.

Fortnite's The End event is designed for a big group

"The End" will be a one-time event, with the option to party up with 16 players to take on the Cube Queen. It's unclear if solo queueing will match players up with another group of people, but if it can be played with 16 people, it might not scale down to one. The event takes place on December 4 at 4 PM ET, with the queue opening up for people about 30 minutes before the event starts. If you miss the event, there will not be another opportunity to play it. Content creators will want to record the event themselves since it will not be available in the replay theater after the event.


Players will also not be able to alter their settings during the event, so make sure to have everything set before hopping in. While Epic Games has not provided details for the event, seems to include a large-scale battle against the Cube Queen. This will likely mean waves of Cube Monsters, similar to the Sideways areas currently on the map. Since this is ending the current season early, players who log in before the end of the season will receive an additional 225,000 XP to compensate for lost time.

Players should wrap up anything they have left before The End

Epic Games recommended that players get to work on wrapping up the current battle pass and other quests before "The End" occurs. While battle passes and quests typically reset between seasons, "Fortnite" might look very different at the start of Chapter 3 (or whatever comes next.) Epic Games said that any remaining battle pass stars that have not been claimed by the end of the season will be automatically applied to the lowest available rewards. Any incomplete quests from the Cube Queen quest pages will also be lost. Players who have leftover paint bottles for Toona Fish styles will need to use those before "The End" as well, because they won't be applied automatically.


Epic Games will be holding a Power Leveling Weekend from November 26-29, giving anyone who logs in a pool of super boosted XP, in addition to the extra 225,00 XP given for logging in before the early end of the season. Starting on November 30, there will be a Bargain Bin Week, lowering the cost of Gold Bar items, since those will also expire at the end of the season. Even if you don't plan on trying to grind out the rest of the battle pass, make sure to show up for the "Once in a Chapter" experience that is "The End."