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Lies Of P - What We Know So Far

Have you ever thought, "'Pinocchio,' but make it 'Dark Souls?'" Then "Lies of P" is exactly the game for you. A dark interpretation of Carlo Collodi's classic novel, the Souls-like unfolds in a striking but brutal world inspired by the Belle Époque period of European history. Like his fairytale counterpart, the doll protagonist sets out to become more like the humans he resembles. Each lie he tells brings him closer to this goal, a development that comes with a healthy side of pros and cons. With society on the verge of full collapse, humanity can be a heavy burden to bear.


"Lies of P" leans into its roots, teasing a core mystery shrouded in death, violence, and mayhem. After waking up in a derelict train station, Pinocchio discovers a note urging him to track down Mr. Geppetto. To accomplish this feat, the puppet must fight through hordes of blood thirsty mechanoids, scavenging supplies, crafting new weapons, and unlocking fresh skills along the way. Proceed carefully, trust no one, and stay light on your feet, and you might just uncover the city's secrets. Can't wait to jump in and become a "real boy?" Here's what we know so far about "Lies of P."

What is the Lies of P release date?

Publisher Neowiz and developer Round8 Studio revealed "Lies of P" in late May 2021. Based in South Korea, Neowiz got its start in 1997 and has since partnered with a variety of studios across multiple genres. A subsidiary of Neowiz, Round8 created MMORPG "Bless Unleashed" before setting its sights on the Souls-like genre. Neither company has shared a release date for "Lies of P." However, a few details may help narrow down the timeline.


As of November 2021, "Lies of P" was still in the pre-alpha stage. Typically, this indicates that a game has not reached a playable state and that the developers are still working out core features and adding functionality — a key step before moving onto to prototyping and testing. Though a rumor circulated that the Souls-like was targeting a 2023 launch window, Gematsu allegedly confirmed that this information was misreported. Given this and the development status, "Lies of P" likely won't release until 2024 at the earliest. When it does debut, you can pick it up for PC, PlayStation 5, or Xbox Series X|S.

Is there a trailer for Lies of P?

At just over three minutes, the May 19 announcement/first cinematic trailer offers a brief overview of the central narrative concept of "Lies of P." You get several looks at the moody, "pre-industrial hellscape" that is the city of Krat. Geppetto strikes a far more mysterious and sinister note than Disney fans are likely accustomed to as he traverses the ruined, body-strewn streets of the once grand settlement in the wake of some sort of plague. The old man scavenges for parts before the scene finally switches to a quick shot of the game's main character, "puppet mechanoid Pinocchio."


Neowiz and Round8 Studio released a gameplay teaser in November, providing more context on how "dark Pinocchio" might translate into mechanics, systems, and RPG elements. It seems a myriad of disturbing mechanoids roam the dark corners of Krat, destroying and killing with abandon. Thankfully, good old P is a bit of a badass in this iteration, complete with an arsenal of craftable weapons appropriate for taking on a city full of mechanical monsters. He'll need all the resources he can get his hands on to track down Geppetto and unravel his origins.

How does Lies of P compare to Bloodborne?

As a Souls-like action RPG set in "a dark Belle Epoque world where all of humanity is lost," it's hard to miss the similarities between "Lies of P" and 2015 PlayStation 4 favorite "Bloodborne." Both games feature the ruins of once beautiful cities ravaged by bizarre illnesses brought to life through highly stylized environments. "Lies of P" seemingly replaces the huntsmen of "Bloodborne" with roaming mechanoids while similarly emphasizing exploration and weapon-centered combat. Based on what Neowiz and Round8 have shown so far, "Lies" also looks set to deliver its narrative primarily through lore, NPC interactions, and visual storytelling, as opposed to a more traditional roleplaying game.


Despite sharing common ground with "Bloodborne," "Lies of P" appears to have several unique elements to bring to the table. Perhaps the most promising aspect is the titular lies system. "The more you lie, the more human you become, with all the advantages and disadvantages that it entails," explained the official story trailer description. These interconnected, procedural "lying quests" (via Steam) influence how the tale plays out, resulting in more than one possible ending, "profound narrative choices, and deeply customizable character progression."