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The Frustrating Reason Why Halo Infinite Players Don't Want Cross-Play

"Halo Infinite" console players have run into an unexpected problem while playing the upcoming game's multiplayer beta: cheaters. Xbox console players, who typically have a harder time installing cheats, are now being forced to play with PC players who are implementing all kinds of hacks. Because of this, many of these affected players have begun asking for a way to disable cross-play between Xbox and PC. Other online shooters, like "Call of Duty: Warzone," have been unable to shake their hacker problems since releasing, so it makes sense that some console players have become concerned about the state of "Halo Infinite" moving forward.


Streamer DougisRaw shared a clip on Twitter from his ranked placement matches, in which a replay showed an enemy player seemingly had perfect aim and could even see players through walls. Other examples have popped up on Twitter and Reddit showing that the use of aim bots have become rather commonplace on PC. While the surprise release of the game's multiplayer beta was met with high praise, the cheating problem is souring that reception fairly quickly.

One of the many tweets showing an enemy player cheating also called on 343 Industries to allow players to disable cross-play, at least until the developer implements an anti-cheat system of some kind. Fans have noted that cross-play can be disabled at the system level on Xbox, but this option disables cross-play for all games and can make matchmaking times very slow. Naturally, this has led to a great deal of frustration for "Halo Infinite" players, who are already sick of the rampant cheating occurring in the multiplayer beta.


The call to disable cross-play in Halo Infinite

The prevalence of cheating in "Halo Infinite" led to a post on the Xbox Series X subreddit titled "Now that cheating in Halo is confirmed on PC, can we have the option to opt out of cross-play?" The highly-upvoted post called for the ability to opt out of match ingwith PC players.


In the post, Reddit user Meiie argued, "This is one of the reasons many console users choose to not play on pc. Besides the ease of playing on console, avoiding pc cheaters has been my biggest reason for not playing on PC... Never run into any when playing on console and opting out of cross-play."

It remains to be seen if the developers will allow players to disable cross-play before the game launches on Dec. 8. Between an influx of cheaters and its first event going off the rails, it seems like "Halo Infinite" and 343 Industries have a long road ahead when it comes to trying to keep the playerbase happy.