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PewDiePie Doubles Down On Feeling 'Retired'

There was once a time where Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg's name was inescapable when talking about streamers or video games, but it feels like that time has started to pass — and it sounds like he's fine with that. As fans and viewers raise concerns over PewDiePie's dwindling popularity, the YouTuber has doubled down on considering himself to be "retired." Although PewDiePie still frequently uploads content and is far from done, his output has changed quite a bit. The YouTuber is now free to play the types of games and produce the kind of videos he wants, regardless of fans' desires.

When a Reddit user commented on the massive difference between PewDiePie's subscriber count and the number of actual views he gets on his videos, the content creator was more than willing to talk about it. In a YouTube video posted on Dec. 1, PewDiePie responded to the fan's concerns directly and explained why he doesn't care about his views. PewDiePie went into some detail about why his decline in popularity doesn't bother him and how he feels about his current YouTube presence. Here's what PewDiePie said about his "retirement" and why he's not worried with fame.

How PewDiePie Feels About His "Retirement"

PewDiePie didn't mince words during his Dec. 1 video after bringing up his views and popularity. Addressing the difference in subscribers versus viewers, he said, "This channel is so hyper-inflated with subscribers because of all the T-Series and blah blah blah..." He continued by saying, "Ironically I never even wanted subscribers to begin with." The YouTube personality doesn't have to worry about subscribers now, sitting pretty at 110 million, but that's a number some YouTubers will never see.

PewDiePie discussed his supposed retirement, saying, "I did say, like, I consider myself retired, like a year ago, and I'm just kind of doing videos for fun." By slowing down, the YouTuber can pursue the things he wants to, but it also comes with a new set of problems. PewDiePie's changes haven't sat well with all of his fans. Speaking to comments received on his videos, he said, "but reading all the comments here, everyone's like, 'He's only doing reaction videos, I can't believe it,' It's like, bruh, everyone's always trying to put me in a box."

PewDiePie's life and desires are still buckling under his popularity despite a less serious approach to content creation. When talking about fans' complaints surrounding his new content direction, he said, "I think people always do that and it's getting really tiresome. It's like, guys, I'm just trying to have fun." In any case, PewDiePie made it clear he isn't worried about views or subscribers; he just wants fans to stop complaining.