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Why You Won't Want To Quit Halo Infinite In The Middle Of A Dungeon

The "Halo Infinite" campaign has finally arrived, bringing the full semi-open-world FPS experience to Xbox and PC. The campaign has received high praise from critics, who cite the game's blending of classic linear "Halo Infinite" missions and open-world exploration and activities. Unfortunately, the addition of these new mechanics — specifically entering campaign missions from the open-world — has created a few issues with the game.


Of course, the campaign wasn't supposed to be a hybrid open-world game, and "Halo Infinite" almost looked way different. 343 Industries originally aimed to create a completely open-world experience, taking inspiration from "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild." Instead the team had to cut it down, which resulted in the final product being a mix of the two styles. "Halo Infinite" features missions that can be entered at different points around the map, which function kind of like the dungeons in games like "Breath of the Wild." Just make sure you don't try and quit during the dungeon.

Quitting during a dungeon in Halo Infinite might set back your progress

If you try and quit "Halo Infinite" mid-way through a dungeon, you will probably get sent back to the start of the dungeon when you load back in. As reported by Kotaku, despite the fact that "Halo Infinite" offers frequent checkpoints in the larger open world, the game is a bit more stingy within a dungeon. Luckily for confused players, a representative from 343 Industries clarified to Kotaku exactly how checkpointing works in "Halo Infinite" dungeons.


"In most dungeon missions, [checkpoints] tend to coincide with a main objective being completed or a narrative scene completing," the representative told Kotaku. "If you have not done this in a dungeon and you quit, you will start at the beginning."

So it seems like if you want to quit while in a dungeon or mission during "Halo Infinite," the best plan of action is to keep plugging away until directly after a cutscene or the completion of an objective. The game does display the achievement on-screen whenever a checkpoint is reached, so keep your eyes open if you are wanting to end your playtime.