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Dream Reacts To Controversial Game Awards Win

The 2021 Game Awards have come and gone. The ceremony was packed to the brim with exciting announcements and big wins for developers and personalities in the gaming industry, and the internet has already gone into full discussion mode about the event. Of course, you can never satisfy everyone — after all, Twitter had a fun time roasting Imagine Dragons' performance at the show — and a few of the award recipients have faced more scrutiny than others.

One particularly controversial honor presented at The Game Awards was Content Creator of the Year, which recognizes the best in streaming and content creation across all platforms. Each of the candidates have a loyal following online, and some of nominees for this award were popular included names such as Fuslie and The Grefg. At the end of the day, however, it was Dream — the popular faceless YouTuber known best for "Minecraft" speedruns and his mega-popular Dream SMP server — who walked away with the prize. 

While Dream's fans were obviously super happy to see him win, many others weren't as pleased. Not long after the award was handed out, Dream responded to this criticism with some choice words — and named who would've been his preferred winner.

Dream's response to the Game Awards controversy

Immediately after Dream's win at the Game Awards, many angry viewers took to social media to voice their displeasure with this choice. Some called out Dream as a fraud, citing the cheating scandal that arose from his former "Minecraft" speedrunning records. While he didn't dismiss the cheating accusations, Dream addressed these criticisms by telling the people upset about his win that their anger meant little to him.

"[E]veryone that's mad that I won can stay mad," Dream wrote in a Twitter post. The popular "Minecraft" player also offered major props to his fellow content creators, saying, "there's so many people that were deserving of recognition for the amazing things they've done this year, including the other nominees and tons of others that weren't nominated and I still hope they get as much appreciation as possible."

Additionally, Dream pointed out that there was another YouTuber whom he felt was much more deserving of the honor. He also couldn't resist making one last dig at the critics: "[In my opinion,] @LudwigAhgren would be my pick, but EVERYONE has different opinions, and I won, so absolutely positively suck my a**."