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Why Amazon Banned Its Own Family

Since 2014, popular streaming platform Twitch has functioned as a subsidiary of multinational giants Amazon. For this reason, Amazon has a pretty established presence on the platform, especially with its Prime Video channel used for broadcasts of the NFL's Thursday Night Football. Amazon has several channels on Twitch, though, including Amazon Prime España (or Amazon Prime Spain), a Spanish-speaking channel.

However, it seems that owning Twitch isn't enough to save Amazon from getting the occasional banhammer. One of the shows featured on Amazon Prime España is "Esto es un late" (roughly translated to "This is late"), which recently caused the official Amazon Prime Spain channel to be banned by Twitch following a controversial moment that violated the platform's terms and services pertaining to "Nudity, Pornography, and Other Sexual Content." One of the show's hosts briefly exposed themselves to the camera towards the end of the broadcast, leading Amazon to ban a channel from its own family.

Amazon Prime Spain was temporarily banned by Twitch for nudity being displayed

During the end of a holiday-themed live stream on Amazon Prime Spain's channel on Twitch, the co-hosts of "Esto es un late" began singing and dancing around a table. According to a report by Dexerto, it was at this moment when one of the co-hosts, Henar Alvarez, said "We're going for the ban," before attempting to lift up her shirt. "Let's go, they'll ban us." The show cut to the show's title card before Alvarez revealed herself. Before the show's producers could transition to a card that said "thank you for watch," Alvarez again lifted her shirt, exposing one of her breasts.

This brief moment of nudity resulted in the Amazon Prime Spain channel being temporarily banned from Twitch. After retweeting a report of the ban, the official Amazon Prime España Twitter account jokingly tweeted out, "And now how do I explain this to my bosses?" Alvarez herself has apologized for the incident, joking that she would "wear a bra" for future streams. She later tweeted out a quote from Spanish singer Rigoberta Bandini which said, "I don't know why our boobs are so scary, without them there would be no humanity or beauty and you know it well."

The ban doesn't seem to have lasted long, as the channel was reinstated less than 24 hours after the mishap. Still, one must admit it's funny to see Amazon get banned on a platform that they literally own, albeit temporarily. Maybe the platform will put Amazon's channels on its infamous "Do Not Ban" list in the future.