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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Release Date, Trailer And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

Fans of multiplayer horror games are getting another entry to slice into. Announced at the 2021 Game Awards, the iconic horror franchise "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" — titled in the same fashion as the classic slasher film — will be getting its own asymmetrical horror game. The game is being developed by Gun Interactive, the same company behind "Friday the 13th: The Game," another multiplayer horror experience that has gone onto become a cult classic. 


This won't be the first time the franchise has been represented in video games, but it's been a long time since series antagonist Leatherface has been the star of the show. A "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" game, based on the original 1974 film, was released in 1983 for the Atari 2600. Since then Leatherface has appeared in other games as a playable character, including "Mortal Kombat X" and "Dead By Daylight."

Gun Industries hasn't revealed all too much about its newest horror project, but there are still plenty of clues lying around that could give gamers a good idea of what to expect upon the game's release.

When will The Texas Chain Saw Massacre be released?

Unfortunately, the reveal for "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" did not come with an official release date. In the brief teaser trailer that debuted during the Game Awards, the game's official Twitter account is listed, but that likewise does not offer any clues beyond links to the game's official website. Much like Leatherface himself, it seems the game is lurking somewhere in the shadows, waiting for its time to strike.


Gun Interactive has also omitted any platforms "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" will be available on. Despite the lack of information surrounding the release, fans are hopeful that the game will be coming out across all current generation consoles, as well as PC, as was the case for "Friday the 13th: The Game." Hopefully fans will soon have more information on when they can get to battling it out as/against Leatherface.

Does The Texas Chain Saw Massacre have a trailer?

The trailer for "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" is brief, but it packs a terrifying punch. Several ominous, atmospheric shots display both the exterior and interior of Leatherface's family home. Intercut are text cards, one of which saying that the game is "based on true events." This is a play on the marketing for the original "Texas Chain Saw Massacre," which was heavily inspired by the crimes of Ed Gein, committed two murders and famously robbed graves to make furniture and masks.


A few shots in the trailer seem to follow a woman as she sneaks into the home's basement. There, a captured man can be seen hanging upside down from the ceiling. Before long, Leatherface himself emerges from the shadows wielding his signature chainsaw. The trailer cuts to a close-up of Leatherface's mask as he butchers the mystery man. Blood splatters on his face, the screen cuts to black, and the title card pops up. It's quick, nasty, and shows that the developers aren't messing around when it comes to adapting the horrifying film series.

What will the gameplay be like in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre?

Unfortunately for curious fans, no gameplay footage was shown in the trailer released at the 2021 Game Awards. However, judging by its description as an asymmetrical horror game — and given the history of developer Gun Interactive — it's fair to assume that the gameplay will follow a similar formula to that of "Friday the 13th: The Game." In that game, players can assume the role of either the antagonist looking to eliminate all players, or one of the innocent bystanders looking to escape. Another similar title is "Dead by Daylight," which follows the one-vs-everyone formula. 


Fans may be able to expect to play as recognizable characters from the games, much like the upcoming "Evil Dead: The Game." Horror fans are already excited by the news that veteran "Friday the 13th" and "Texas Chainsaw" actor Kane Hodder will be playing Leatherface in the game (per Fangoria).

If the trailer is anything to go by, the game will likely take place both inside and around Leatherface's cannibalistic family's ranch. And judging by the trailer's final shot, it's only fair to expect that there will be some absolutely brutal methods of killing other players in this game.